Fire and Police Departments use donation home for training

Dave Bullock enters through a window.
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Firemen climbs a ladder to a window.
Firemen crawls through window to enter a room.

The home located on the adjacent property of Queen’s Grant High School was donated for training purposes to our local Fire and Police Departments. The property sits on the future site of the new Gymnasium and Performance Center which is currently expected to become available in 2021.

The photos are from a recent fire rescue training session. The firefighters learn how to search and rescue a burning structure for a down firefighter or occupants who might be in danger inside the structure.

The training and development course provides the firefighters with different tactics and options they have in their toolbox to access and search a room from a window entry. Also, they practice a similar process with having access to a room through a door entry as well.

This type of training for first responders is essential when they are confronted with a real world situation. Just like the military, these professionals must practice often and consistently so they can spring into action immediately upon arriving on the scene and are confronted with this type of challenge.

David Bullock, Queen’s Grant High Schools Information Technology Director and Safety Coordinator participated in the training exercise and provided the photo’s for this story.

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