Featured Player of the Week, Jessica Timmons, Independence Patriots

Coach Galvani, Jessica, Dad, Mom, and Athletic Director Elijah Ashley.
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MINT HILL, NC – For the second time this season, Jessica Timmons has been selected to be featured in the Mint Hill Times sports section.

The five-star recruit who is heading to North Carolina State University after graduation fractured the all-time Mecklenburg County girls high school scoring record against local rival Rocky River on Tuesday night. She scored 30 points while breaking the record early in the first period of the contest.

A record held by Tiffani Johnson for 29 years, scoring 2,159 points was surpassed by Timmons who now has accumulated 2,188 points in her fabulous high school career. Jessica is currently the second all-time scorer including the boys in Mecklenburg County. She is also now 17th in the state from the 3-point range.

Jessica Timmons in action against East Mecklenburg.
Jessica Timmons in action against East Mecklenburg.

During this season, in six games played, Timmons has scored 176 points for an average of 29.3 points per game. She is an all-around player averaging 7.2 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 4.5 steals, 1.1 blocks while shooting 69% from the floor.

We communicated with Independence coach Lauren Galvani about her star player’s contribution to the team’s success. “It’s been a pleasure coaching Jessica,” said Galvani.  “She has been a true leader all season. She is always in the gym, asking questions and looking for ways to add to her game. She’s been a positive role model for the younger players to look up to, and she is a true competitor. We will definitely miss her exciting offensive game but will miss her commitment and leadership the most.”

“Jessica is a special player who has the potential to one day make money playing basketball,” continued Galvani.  “The best thing about Jess has been her dedication to not only improve her game but to make sure younger players are following in her footsteps. She is a true gym rat, always in the gym and watching films, which is what I love about her.”

We asked Jessica what it feels like being the new all-time scoring leader for Mecklenburg County, and her response was genuine and humble. “It’s definitely an exciting feeling to accomplish something like this,” said Jess, “especially knowing there are many talented players now and previously that have come close to achieving something like this. As a player, I know there are a lot of things I still need to improve, but overall it’s an awesome feeling.”

The Mint Hill Times sports editor and sportswriters want to congratulate Jessica Timmons upon her accomplishment, and being nominated as this week’s “Featured Player of the Week.”

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