Father and sons connect over music

Dean Hardy and his sons at the recently opened Hardy Boys Records in HomeStyles.

Hardy Boys Records recently set up shop in HomeStyles Gallery and Specialty Shops in Mint Hill.

The business, which buys and sells, records, cds, 8-tracks, LaserDiscs, guitars and other vintage music related items, is owned by Dean Hardy, who operates it with the help of his sons Caspian, 9 and Thaddeus, 12.

“It started around October of last year. What happened is the boys (Caspian and Thaddeus) and I were at a garage sale and a guy wanted to sell records and I realized that the price he wanted for the whole box was worth a couple of records that I wanted so I bought the box,” Hardy said.

They kept the records they wanted and within two days sold the other records in the box and turned a profit. This led to them collecting more records and selling them at garage sales. They developed a good following of people and decided that their next best step would be to open the business up inside of HomeStyles.

Since moving into HomeStyles, business has been good and they attracted many people to their grand opening earlier this month, Hardy said.

Angela McCraw, an owner of HomeStyles, said she is happy with the addition of Hardy Boys Records to their collection of shops.

“We’re thrilled about the different traffic that we’re getting,” McCraw said.

Since Hardy Boys Records opened, many music and record enthusiasts have been coming to the shop. They are happy to see new customers coming in and are also learning a lot about vintage music collecting, she said.

“We’re just amazed by it,” McCraw said in reference to the traffic to the new shop.

People are welcome to contact Hardy Boys Records about selling their items or purchasing some of the business’ merchandise.  To add to their inventory, Hardy and his sons often travel to different places to hunt for items to buy and sell, Hardy said.

“People have treasures and they don’t know it,” Hardy said.

He purchases a variety of vintage music items and works to keep up with trends for what collectors are looking for, he said.

Hardy’s sons Thaddeus and Caspian said they enjoy working with their father and helping him find some of the different items they offer.

For more information about Hardy Boys Records call 704-839-6343 or visit the Hardy Boys Records Facebook and other social media pages.