Fall in love with Mint Hill’s Eateries, Drinkeries and Sweets

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September is finally here. The season of fall often brings a season of frenzy. We have school starting for our family, yard work every weekend, and holidays seem endless from Labor Day ‘til Christmas. However, Mint Hill enjoys many eats and sweets to help you take a break, take a breath, and truly enjoy the small-town atmosphere around you.

This season of old routine is the perfect time to get out and try something new. Let the town you love and the streets you know lead you somewhere unexpected. Maybe there’s a new restaurant that opened and you haven’t tried it out yet. Maybe a new shelf of products has appeared for you to view in a local business. Or maybe you just want to take a walk with someone special down the quiet streets and enjoy an old time favorite like ice cream or coffee.

Whatever your autumn is bringing to you, the local businesses of Mint Hill want to remind you they hope you’ll step out of your doorway and through theirs. They’ve got a smile, a seat, and a special treat just for you!

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