DXF Training offers small group fitness option for Mint Hill

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DXF offers small group, boot camp-style fitness classes that run on a four-week cycle.  Week one, “Back to Basics,” reviews technique and form. “Without that technique, it’s so hard,” says trainer Daniel Beaupre who emphasizes the importance of not only learning proper technique but returning to it frequently.  “Even veteran clients, by the third or fourth week they’re going so fast that their form kind of goes out the window.”

Week two is “Circuit City,” a series of short, 30-second circuit training that builds on the basics from week one.  Week three focuses on speed and agility, and week four brings it all together with “Beast Mode.”

Beaupre is joined by business partner and fellow trainer Heather Hinson, who trained with Beaupre at Camp Gladiator for over a year before making the leap to launch DXF with him.  The opportunity to have a greater impact is what motivated Hinson to begin training. “To say she’s a go-getter is an understatement,” says Beaupre of the athlete who’s currently going for her Spartan Trifecta.  “She designs her own program for the workouts, so you’re never going to see the same program, the same workout.”

Daniel Beaupre and Heather Hinson

“I’ve been inspired through seeing the impact fitness has made on others lives around me,” says Hinson.  “I have watched my friends accomplish things they never thought possible, and it excites me! Their accomplishments make me want to push myself further. Because of that, I worked this year to receive my personal trainer certification. I want to help others realize what they are truly capable of and celebrate their accomplishments with them.”

For Beaupre, being able to work with Hinson to design an effective full-body, cross training program that incorporates everything he has learned in his nine years of personal training has been one of the highlights of starting DXF.  “I think it’s probably one of the best workouts out there that involves the whole body at the same time,” says Beaupre. “We finally have the perfect layout for a successful class that people come out to.”

DXF is sponsored by Mint Hill Roasting Company and Action Glass and Mirrors, who have helped them get up and running in the past two months and spread the word about DXF training.  They’ve also received invaluable support from Queen’s Grant Community School, where DXF’s early morning and evening camps are held. “We couldn’t do anything without Krista Tolchin over at Queen’s Grant,” says Beaupre, adding that the principal and a half dozen or more teachers attend camps and train with him.

Several Queen’s Grant teachers take advantage of the early morning camps held on QG’s campus.

For long-time client of Beaupre’s Darlene Rodgers, a big part of DXF’s appeal is the social aspect of the small group training.  Like many of us, Rodgers tried to work out on her own at home, but found that even though she knew what to do, it was difficult to make it happen.  “I missed the group aspect of it and the motivation with other people,” says Rodgers, who also eschews the gym. “If you go to a gym, you’re more on your own because it’s not necessarily in a group.  This is fun because you encourage each other.”

Beaupre agrees that the encouragement and support you’ll find at DXF are second to none as he recalls seeing everyone surround and help a newcomer who was struggling with lunges.  “They didn’t have to do that,” says Beaupre, “but they wanted to make sure she succeeds just like they succeeded. That’s where I think we’re really cool and very different.”

And it works.  “I like being able to see and feel the improvement,” says Rodgers, who takes pride in not being able to accomplish moves like star jumps that she had to modify when she began training with Beaupre.  “As a trainer, the best experience you will enjoy is when you see that smile and excitement that comes over a client’s face when they accomplish something they thought was impossible to achieve.” says Beaupre.

Beaupre, Rodgers and Hinson encourages people of all fitness levels, shapes, sizes and backgrounds to give DXF a try. “A lot of times people think, ‘Oh, I’ve never done this before, they’ve been doing this for a while, I’m not going to be able to keep up,’” says Rodgers.  “But no one’s staring at you, no one’s judging you. It’s a much more inviting atmosphere than a lot of gyms are.” “Everyone’s welcome,” affirms Beaupre.  “We can modify for everybody.”

In addition to small group fitness classes, DXF has also recently branched out into student athlete training.  Currently, Beaupre trains two young basketball players. “It’s more of a focus on speed and agility, core strength,” says Beaupre of the athletic training.  Beaupre also offers one-on-one, in-home personal training.

DXF holds small group fitness classes at Queen’s Grant Community School Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 5:00 am and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:00 pm.  They also hold mid-morning camps at Mint Hill Veteran’s Park Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 am. Unlimited small group fitness classes are $70.00 per month, and DXF offers membership without locking you into a long-term contract.  During the month of November, they are offering a special: two weeks free beginning on November 12. To take advantage of the free two-week trial, simply show up at a camp or reach out via Facebook or phone: (704) 957-6390.

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