Dr. Pamela Price and Dr. Philip Funderburk: Providing Vision and Care for Mint Hill for over 40 Years

Dr. Philip Funderburk and Dr. Pamela Price. (Photo provided by: Tamekia Lugo)
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For more than 40 years, Dr. Pamela Price and Dr. Philip Funderburk have been Mint Hill’s source for all things optometry and eye care.

Their practice began in 1976 as a sole proprietor professional practice at 7320 Matthews-Mint Hill road across from Hawthorne’s Restaurant, fulfilling what had become a serious need for eye care in the area.  Dr. Funderburk and Dr. Price served the Mint Hill community from that location for 17 years before moving down the road to 7749 Matthews-Mint Hill road across from Martin’s Nursery where they follow their passion for optometry to this day.

In 2013, Dr. Price and Dr. Funderburk joined with the MyEyeDr. organization and, according to Dr. Funderburk, it was the best decision that they had ever made and rightfully so.  MyEyeDr. Is one of the fastest growing organizations in eye care, with nearly 400 locations added since Dr. Funderburk and Dr. Price joined.  MyEyeDr. also aims for growth within the offices that are part of the MyEyeDr. family.

Dr. Funderburk said that since merging with MyEyeDr. their practice has grown tremendously.  They now have, working with the two doctors, seven staff members, an area administrator, a clinical field director and corporate support teams.  According to Dr. Funderburk, the mission of MyEyeDr. is to build the autonomy of independent professional practices while bringing to the table the management skills and economics of a larger group.  Joining with MyEyeDr. has allowed for Dr. Price and Dr. Funderburk’s practice to accept all insurance plans through the utilization of a centralized professional team that handles all billing matters.

These additions, along with many others, allow for the doctors to spend time establishing meaningful personal relationships with their patients and allows them the time to truly understand their needs, while their network of professionals handle all of the bureaucratic necessities that come with running a business.

In addition to I.T. and corporate teams, is General Manager Tamekia Lugo who joined the team in 2018 after 16 years in the healthcare industry.  She brings to the office many years of optical, optometry and ophthalmology experience as well as experience in lab administration and health information technology.

General Manager Tamekia Lugo (Photo provided by: Tamekia Lugo)

For over four decades, Dr. Price and Dr. Funderburk’s practice has been going strong and they continue to grow in their efforts to serve the Mint Hill area.  They’ve been in practice such a long time, the doctors said, that they get asked all the time when they will retire.  Their answer to that question is, they said, “We will retire when it stops being fun and we are having way too much fun to stop now.”

For more information or to schedule your appointment, visit myeyedr.com/locations/mint-hill or stop by the office at 7749 Matthews-Mint Hill road.

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