DIY Crafting from The Gift Workshop

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“Your decision to SUPPORT LOCAL affirms how great Mint Hill truly is” states Jenifer Shaw of the Mint Hill Times.

The Gift Workshop has exactly what you need to add “Home School Art Teacher” to your resume and foster your children’s creativity.

Fun and Unique DIY Kits: such as Door Hangers (Seasonal & Everyday Options), Birdhouse Building, Puzzles and Games, Photo Jewelry Boxes/Photo Treasure Chestare just a few of list of projects announced EVERY WEEK VIA FACEBOOK!

Facebook Page:  The Gift Workshop NC.  ***All Materials Included in Kit to Complete Project.***  Each Kit: $25+Tax.  By offering Curbside Pickup & Porch Drop Off and Payments Invoiced & Paid Online To Reduce Contact, is a huge help these days.  COMING SOON…Virtual Classes!!!  Sign your kiddos up for a virtual craft workshop (even during home school hours) with The Gift Workshop!

Adults can soon sign up for Happy Hour Virtual Workshops making the seasons best home decor virtually with friends!

Why Supporting Local Is Important…Kat DePrater, owner of The Gift Workshop in Mint Hill, says “I understand, first hand the struggle some parents are facing as they are adding the word teacher to their resume these days.”  Kat says “homeschooling is a change so many of us are experiencing right now.  My son Jacob and I are learning together as we navigate this path.  We will not be perfect at it, but we will be committed.”  Kat says “I try to schedule his day with a mix of curriculum and fun.  We take a walk, do a craft, build something from legos to birdhouses,  have a dance party, etc…something to laugh and smile during.”

Kat described feeling called to help and create these fun kits for kids and parents saying “I have always found peace in creating and building.  Whether it be making candles, custom painted signs, woodwork, etc…when I focus on something, the uncertainty, and fear I may be experiencing in life seem to fade.  My goal in doing these kits is to help bring that same peace to others, by showing parents they have resources, and kids that life may be unfamiliar right now, but we can still have fun.”

Both the term and action of “SHOP LOCAL” has never been as necessary as it is right now, explains Kat.   “We live in a beautiful community here in Mint Hill.  We are so fortunate to have the majority of businesses here owned by locals…many your friends, neighbors, parents of your kids’ classmates, fellow church members, etc.  Yes, they knew owning a business would be risky, but no one expects this type of international shut down in their lifetime,” explains, Kat.   Kat also states “Business owners will feel the effects of this international shut down for the remainder of 2020, possibly longer.”

Whether You Choose To Buy or DIY….We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon! Thank You, Kat, The Gift Workshop, 8329 Fairview Road, Mint Hill, NC 28227, 980-224-8794

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