December Board of Commissioners Meeting Results

Mint Hill Town Hall.
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MINT HILL, NC – The Mint Hill Town Board of Commissioners, Mayor Brad Simmons, and Town Manager, Brian Welch held their annual virtual monthly meeting on Thursday evening.

The Board accepted the following items the November Tax Collector’s Report, and the Treasurer’s Reports and Financials.

The Tax Collector’s Report for November 2020

  • Current/Prior Year Real Estate/Personal Property – $3,675,684.82
  • Interest Collected on All Taxes Received – $836.84
  • Registered Motor Vehicle Tax (less 1.5%) – $72.56
  • Registered Motor Vehicle Fee (less 1.5%) – $33.60
  • Total Amount Collected During November 2020 – $3,676,627.82

Note: Due to State Statutes, County Receives 1.5% for billing/collecting vehicle tax/fee.

Elementary and Middle School Site Map.
Elementary and Middle School Site Map.

Meanwhile, there was some additional discussion on Case Number-ZC20-8 filed by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Education, rezoning request to allow an elementary school on property located at 11501 and 11615 Idlewild Road. The parcel number is 135-321-07 for all interested parties. The Board did approve the proposal unanimously to move forward on the new school project that calls for 45 additional classrooms. The elementary school was approved in a 2017 Bond Referendum and would offer relief for Bain, Lebanon Road, and Piney Grove elementary schools.

The Design and Permitting Phase is now in process, and the start of construction is currently scheduled for April/May 2021, with an occupancy completion date of June 2022, and the school would open its doors in August 2022 for students and staff.

The Board of Education is requesting Conditional District Rezoning to allow construction of the new proposed elementary school. The total property area is 62.65 acres, which includes the middle school complex.

The Board of Commissioners will evaluate the design and layout of structures and improvements. They want to ensure the proposed terms are followed, and all construction at the site will require Site Plan approval.

The Site Plans will evaluate existing features such as trees, vegetation, topography, architectural suitability, and proposed access drives, traffic flows, and parking. The facility improvements and new construction must be compatible with the surrounding existing development. The Board wants to protect the surrounding area from any possible adverse effects from the proposed project that is not compatible with the goals of the Land Use Plan outlined to meet all the necessary requirements.

If any citizens in the surrounding area of the proposed new school location have any additional remaining questions or concerns, they should contact the Mint Hill Town Hall at their earliest convenience.

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