David Houck: Your Local Home Clean Hero

Owner-operator David Houck is ready to bring a new standard of customer service to your home.
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CHARLOTTE – As school years begin and extracurricular activities start to fill the household calendar, cleaning the home can become the chore to ignore. Cleaning a home properly and safely can take precious minutes away from what a family wants to spend time on. David Houck, the owner-operator of Home Clean Heroes of South Charlotte, wants to help solve this problem.

When he left the banking and finance industry after more than thirty years of service, Houck says he didn’t want to retire. He wanted to redeploy. “I’m the kind of person who always wants to be useful,” he says. “I wanted to continue investing in myself.” Houck says he could not have made this change without the help and support of his wife. “I knew I wanted to keep working, but I didn’t know what to do. She really pushed me ‘out of the nest’ to figure that out,” he adds.

When Houck learned about the opportunity to have his own Home Clean Heroes franchise, he knew he had found the answer to his question. “I knew keeping a home clean was a valuable service when I started this company, but I live the truth of that knowledge every day now,” Houck shares. “The most important aspect of the job to me is giving customers back their time. Having a Home Clean Heroes team show up at the door can save 1-2 full days a month.”

Home Clean Heroes easily recognized van means a business or home is becoming a cleaner, happier place.
Home Clean Heroes easily recognized van means a business or home is becoming a cleaner, happier place.

The other aspect of his new job Houck loves is helping those who can’t clean for themselves. “Elderly customers with arthritis in their hands. Those who have had joint replacements and can’t reach their baseboards. People who experience debilitating allergies because they can’t keep up with the dust accumulation in their home. Countless customers need cleaning for health reasons,” says Houck. “I am so proud to be doing something that impacts others in such a positive way.” Houck also participates with the international nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason, which provides free home cleaning services to patients battling cancer. https://cleaningforareason.org/

Houck says that excellent customer service has always been one of his goals, no matter what career he has been in. This is one of the main reasons he chose the franchise with Home Clean Heroes. “In my opinion, this company raises the bar for customer service,” he says. “As the owner, I come to the customer and give an in-home estimate. We walk together through the home. I explain how my teams clean and exactly what each biweekly cleaning visit entails. Then I find out what is most important to the customer. Do they want extra care taken in their bathroom? Is the stainless steel in the kitchen their hotspot? Do they have pets that make their fabric couches a nightmare to clean? Whatever needs to be done, we will do it.”

No detail is too small for one of Houck's Home Clean Heroes team members.
No detail is too small for one of Houck’s Home Clean Heroes team members.

For Houck, Home Clean Heroes is the best in the business. “We train our technicians in how to properly handle the equipment, how to never miss a part of a room, and our eco-friendly cleaning process. We teach them our color-coded microfiber towel system to prevent cross-contamination,” Houck promises. “We perform background checks for each two-person team we send. Customers feel secure as the team rides up in our distinct yellow van, in familiar uniforms, with our residential cleaning system.”

Houck says that his passion to make a positive impact in his community and the world is reflected in his employee’s love for their jobs. “One comment we constantly get is that our teams giggle a lot,” Houck laughs. “I love knowing that my company has a consistent message of support, hard work ethic, and drive to make your life and the lives of others better. I can’t wait to watch my business continue to grow.”

Two person teams are made up of a "wet" worker, who mops, polishes, and shines, and a "dry" worker, who vacuums, dusts, and organizes.
Two person teams are made up of a “wet” worker, who mops, polishes, and shines, and a “dry” worker, who vacuums, dusts, and organizes.

To schedule an in-home estimate with David and see how he can help your family protect your time and health, visit https://homecleanheroes.com/southcharlotte/ or call (704) 818-4330.

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