Creation Acre, The Micro-School Of Big Dreams

Creation Acre is dedicated to purposeful learning through student-led and project-based educational experiences!
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MINT HILL, NC – Creation Acre is the newest educational addition to the Mint Hill Community, owned and founded by husband and wife team Jasmine and Akeem Williams. Creation Acre is a micro-school, one of the fantastic new options for childhood education as an alternative to traditional school. Micro-schools are independent learning centers with small class sizes and flexibility in class schedules that allow students to engage in more independently driven hands-on learning beyond the classroom. Micro-schools encourage the freedom of education homeschooling provides while surrounding students with a safe and welcoming community that nurtures their values.

Jasmine and Akeem Williams, owners and founders of Creation Acre, a new micro-school in Mint Hill.
Jasmine and Akeem Williams, owners and founders of Creation Acre, a new micro-school in Mint Hill.

“Creation Acre utilizes project-based student-led learning, where children are encouraged to explore their interests with teachers acting as guides,” Jasmine Williams remarked. Williams, who has had great success homeschooling her children, and her husband Akeem, a web developer who will teach coding classes at Creation Acre, are excited to share their educational philosophy of purposeful learning with the community. Mr. and Mrs. Williams purchased the home located at 11120 Lawyers Road with over an acre of land to transform it into an alternative to traditional education, where the heart of their message is “We do school differently!”

Being a student-led and project-based school, Creation Acre believes children learn more when they are trusted in their educational pursuits and are excited about the subject matter. While traditional core subjects like math, science, and reading are taught, children also engage in electives or independent studies that build upon that core knowledge and encourage students to explore the world using those skill sets.

Learning is hands-on at Creation Acre!

Creation Acre has a three-tier learning system. The first tier, Dream It, encourages students to express their ideas, find inspiration, explore different ways of learning, and dream big—the sky is the limit regarding understanding and application. The second tier, Plan It, involves teaching core subjects, setting smart goals, and defining what success looks like for each learner that week. The final tier, Build It, is where students apply what they have learned in their core classes in electives or independent studies. For example, with math, a student may be interested in food chains and farming. The student would apply the principles they learned in math to run a farm (calculating acreage and planting, fertilizer costs, cost of maintaining machinery, purchasing seeds, etc.). With science, students may use their knowledge to build rockets or robots. Through participating in these electives and independent studies, students can apply their core subject knowledge to real-world experiences; this application component is the key to purposeful learning.

Classes at Creation Acre are mixed age groups with a class size of up to ten students per class. Classes run from 9:15 am to 1:45 pm, with some flexibility for earlier drop-off. As a Christ-centered school, Creation Acre provides morning motivation through gratitude journals and Bible lessons to inspire students in their learning pursuits and encourage them to value their faith and education. This coming Fall, Creation Acre will add six new enrichment classes Monday through Wednesday after school.

For parents considering homeschooling for the first time, Creation Acre is a “homeschool away from home” where students get a homeschool experience, and parents have teachers for resources. While renovations are ongoing, tours will begin this summer—please check their website for the most up-to-date information. Creation Acre will offer various unique summer camps, including Stop-Motion Movie Making, Engineering In Action, Cooking With Chemistry, Food Art and Storytelling, and more.

Jasmine and Akeem Williams are excited to provide this new educational enrichment opportunity and would like to thank the community of Mint Hill for their overwhelming support. For more information about Creation Acre or to set up a tour, please visit their website at or contact them at (704) 412-8911. You can follow their journey on social media via Facebook at Creation Acre, Instagram @creationacre, and Tik Tok @creationacre.

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