Commissioners to vote on 2019-20 budget

Mint Hill Town Hall.
Mint Hill’s finest. (Ed Berti)

The Mint Hill Town Board of Commissioners will vote on Thursday, June 13th regarding the proposed annual fiscal year budget. Town Manager, Brian Welch has been professionally working through the numbers which has an increase of 8.7% from the previous year.

Welch presented the board with his recommendations last month during the May 8th workshop, and the majority of the increase in scheduled to support and grow both the police and fire departments.

The proposed budget is $17,065,654, an increase of $2,069,194 from this year’s budget which was $14,996,460. The proposed tax rate for residents of the town will decrease due to growth in both the business and residential sectors.  Also, due to the Mecklenburg County property revaluation recently completed in May. The current tax rate is $0.27 per $100 valuation, and Welch’s plan has proposed $0.255 per $100 valuation for the upcoming fiscal year.

The revenue-neutral new tax rate would allow the town to collect the same amount of funds in the new budget as it did in this fiscal year. However, some residents may experience an increase in their home and business property tax. The reason is when factoring in the average growth rate from the previous revaluation the increase would be $0.216.

The fire department is taking the largest slice of the pie. The budget calls for $3,478,520 in the new fiscal year, up from $1,092,674, a substantial increase. The budget will increase the number of firefighters, invest $850,000 in a rescue-pumper fire truck apparatus, and $100,000 toward the current firehouse expansion program.

The police department budget proposal will increase $892,810 to $5,047,285 for this fiscal year. The department plans to hire four additional patrol officers and a crime analyst to increase coverage and presence in our growing community.

The police will also obtain six new patrol vehicles in the plan. Another $52,000 will become available for officers who receive additional training as an incentive. Twelve officers received on average $4,000 in incentives this year.

The final piece of the budget increase is for the Parks department, they have a current budget of $264,608, and in the new fiscal year the department will receive an extra $30,000. There are plans for renovation work to be done in the town’s two local parks which include tennis courts and other park improvement projects.

As always, there could be some adjustments to the final budget prior to the June 13th meeting, however, this report provides an accurate assessment analysis of the new budget for the upcoming fiscal year.