Cole’s Comfort Contractors: Always available, easy to deal with, always reliable

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Cole’s Comfort Contractors provides a variety of services related to heating and cooling systems: installing and servicing units, replacing parts and complete units, preventative maintenance, and duct-work installation, replacement and repairs.  They service private homes, residential housing complexes and a variety of businesses such as restaurants, churches, and small commercial sites.

“People look at it as just an air conditioner,” says Martin Lambooy, who, with his wife Alida, purchased the company from founder Wayne Cole last October.  “This machine is not just a machine that keeps the house cold. It should be viewed as a complete ‘comfort system.’ It’s a system that keeps the air in the house bacteria free.  It keeps the humidity levels comfortable. It keeps the air that you are breathing clean and dust free. So it is ultimately a system that ensures you are comfortable when you are inside your house.  It’s not just an air conditioner that you switch on to get the air cooled.”

“Martin hit it right on the head,” agrees Wayne Cole.  “We want a healthier and happier home for people to come home to.”

One thing that sets Cole’s Comfort Contractors apart from the competition is their dedication to same-day service.  “You get companies that respond by saying, ‘OK, we’ll be there in 2 or 3 days,’” says Martin. “When you have a comfort system in your home, you want that system to be running all the time, so we will make a point to have someone in your house on the day you phone us.  The system doesn’t choose business hours to break down. If you have an emergency, we are available to help you.” If Cole’s can’t repair your system that day, they’ll even supply you with a temporary unit to keep the temperature at a comfortable level until they’re able to complete the repairs.

Another thing that sets Cole’s Comfort Contractor’s apart is their dedication to 100% customer satisfaction.  Martin is so confident in his company’s work that he provides his own personal email address on the web site for both complaints and compliments.  “We believe you are more than just a customer,” says Martin. “The customer is most important in our business.”

Successful in their local community since their start in 1988, Cole’s has been steadily expanding across the Charlotte Metro area, and now they are focused on expanding their customer base in and around Mint Hill.  “We want to be part of the Mint Hill community, not just a company trying to come in and do a job and leave,” says Wayne Cole.

Cole’s Comfort Contractors’ dedication to quality customer service is a large part of what led the Lambooys to purchase Cole’s Comfort Contractors.  Immigrants from South Africa in the United States for about a year now, Martin and his wife Alida looked into over fifty different businesses before settling on Cole’s Comfort Comforters.  “I started looking for a business that would be suitable for myself and Alida, something that’s always needed, something where we can offer our customers a great service,” says Lambooy. “The first meeting that the two of us had together, I just felt there was a connection between ourselves.”

For Wayne Cole, who still retains a minority share in the business, the feeling is mutual.  “Martin said it best,” he says. “We clicked as individuals, and then the philosophy that Martin brings, the 24-7 service, he doesn’t just say it.  He lives it, he proves it.”

“We are the company to call if you have any issues as long as it’s got to do with the comfort system in your home,” concludes Martin.  “We are here to give you a great brand, which is Trane, arguably the best brand of comfort system in the country. We are Trane Comfort Specialists, which is the customer’s guarantee that they will get good service and that they will receive exceptional customer care.”  

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