Colby Joel Bost Eagle Scout Court Of Honor Ceremony

The Bost family.
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MINT HILL, NC – Colby Joel Bost from Troop 65 locally in Mint Hill was officially awarded his Eagle Scout achievement award on Saturday, July 24, 2021.

Colby recognition pinning Mr. Radey.
Colby recognition pinning Mr. Radey.

This is the highest award a Scout can receive, it truly is an accomplishment considering the road a Scout must pursue to attain the Eagle Scout badge. It takes years of dedication, hard work, commitment, drive, and leadership. Also, it requires the assistance of others including mentors, family, friends, and possibly most of all a desire to join an elite group of young men. A major accomplishment in itself.

Colby earned 22 merit badges, many that will prepare him for a lifetime. Some include first aid, citizenship, family life, metalwork, emergency preparedness, environmental science, fitness, communication, welding, and personal management. He received special awards for Polar Bear swim, and the Arrow of Light which is a highly recognized award in Scouting. Regarding leadership, he was a troop guide, patrol leader, and scribe.

Colby Bost addresses attendees at Eagle Scout of Honor ceremony.
Colby Bost addresses attendees at Eagle Scout of Honor ceremony.

His Eagle Project: was to design, construct and install bat and owl boxes around the Windrow Pond to naturally control the rodent and insect populations. The Eagle Scout project plays an important role in achieving this honor. The Scout truly becomes a project manager from start to completion working with an adult mentor for guidance.

An Eagle Scout has achieved Scouting’s toughest challenge. Scouting’s goal is to develop and instill in every Scout three aims, physical fitness, good citizenship, and solid personal character. The Eagle Scout is the epidemy of this noble objective.

Being an Eagle Scout is important because it requires immense hard work, and service to the community. It gives young men something to strive for and it instills confidence and builds character. These skills will carry the Scout into college, technical school, military, or many of life’s endeavors into adulthood.

The Eagle Scout Court of Honor included John Radey, Alex Wright, Jacob Gossett, Charles Gershowitz, Brayden Bost, Eric Rudisill, Diane Radey, Patrick Radey, and the American Legion, including Mint Hill American Legion Post 555.

Congratulations Colby on your accomplishment!

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