Cleaning Tips and Tricks To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

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MINT HILL, NC – Spring is in the air: the birds are singing, the air is changing its smell, and those windows are screaming to be open. With spring right around the corner, it is time to take care of your home and get that dust out. One of the nicest outcomes of spring cleaning is that it addresses so many aspects of home care. It takes care of your home maintenance to-do lists, and it helps keep the appearance of your home looking great as well. Spring is a great time to do a good cleaning, declutter your home, and “spruce” up the house with a few spring maintenance items before the warm air appears. 

There are several ways to start spring cleaning, decluttering, and starting spring maintenance items around your home. It is always a good idea to start with a list of areas in the home or outside that you want to address. Getting started in one area of the home, like the living room, may make the tasks seem easier. Once you make a list of the areas that you want to address first, then finalize the list with the remaining rooms/areas of the home. A good spring cleaning includes all areas of the home, but not all tasks are the same in each. Addressing what tasks need to be completed on the list is a great second step; as you see the list coming together, it will help in deciding what is possible to get done in each area/room.

An easy way to start is going to the first area on your list in the home that you want to address and declutter that area. Decluttering the area not only gets the process of spring cleaning started, but it is also a great way to reduce the level of stress when it comes to the cleaning process. Once a room has been decluttered, the cleaning of the area will not only be easier, but the reward will be a room that appears bigger and brighter. It is amazing how the level of stress regarding cleaning can greatly be reduced by starting with decluttering.

Once decluttering the area has been completed, it is time to start to spring clean. It is recommended by trusted cleaning experts that you work the area/room from the top to the bottom. Always starting with the ceiling: dusting the ceiling, walls, and such will force the debris down. This helps prevent any unnecessary re-cleaning. To complete the cleaning process of the area using a high-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter is a great way to finish off the room. Working the room from top to bottom is a great deep cleaning process that will give your home that “spring clean” feeling each time.

Bristles Painting Company cabinet refinishing project, after
Photo by Bristles Painting Company

After the inside of the home has been cleaned, the next area of the spring cleaning process that brings a new “light” to the home is spring maintenance items that need to be completed around your home. Items on this list can include replacing HVAC and furnace filters along with changing the batteries in your smoke alarms. If you are going for a brighter look or want your home to have a fresh coat of paint, spring is a great time to get those projects started. Changing the color of an accent wall or painting the trim can bring out the features in a room that you had not noticed before. Just work that list like the room, from top to bottom.

Completing the decluttering, cleaning, and maintenance of your home may seem overwhelming at times. If you are seeking local companies to assist there are some around the area that are always helpful. 

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Photo by Move Pack Clean

Move Pack Clean is a local cleaning company that offers simple solutions to cleaning and organizing your home. Owner Linda Hill offers the following five tips on how to organize your home and keep your house clean. 

  1. Shine and degrease your stainless steel appliances.
  2. Wash your fabric shower curtains and replace your old vinyl curtains.
  3. Remove expired food and make-up to remove clutter.
  4. Dust and clean ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  5. Don’t get down on yourself. Go room by room and only do what you can.

Reach out to Move Pack Clean today at (704) 818-4330.

Photo by Home Clean Heroes of South Charlotte

David Houck, owner of Home Clean Heroes of South Charlotte serving the Mint Hill and Matthews area, is dedicated to helping clients to defend their free time so they can spend it on the things that matter most.  David shares a helpful spring cleaning tip: “Many times when windows are first opened in the spring, the screens have dust and cobwebs on them.  If the homeowner does not want to remove the screens and hand wash them, a helpful tip is they can take a lint roller and gently roll over the screens to remove most of the dust and cobwebs”

Call (704) 818-4330 or visit their website for more information on Home Clean Heroes’ services:

Photo by Bristles Painting Company

Bristles Painting Company is a local painting company that serves our community. Owner Lucia Trinidad offers a wide variety of painting services. Painting is a great way to spruce up your home during the spring. “Brightening up a room for spring can be as easy as adding an accent wall with a new color,” encourages Trinidad. “Painting the trim in a room to bring out the brightness is also a great way to brighten a room.” If you are looking to paint and need help reach out to her at (908) 222-4482; she sure has “an eye for color.”

Photo by Charlotte Heating & Air

Charlotte Heating & Air Owner Caleb Hudson, offers a helpful tip on spring maintenance on your HVAC unit: “pouring a cap full of bleach, or a type of drain cleaner, into your A/C drain followed by water will help prevent growth and, eventually, a clog in the drain line.” This helpful tip can save time and money when it comes to costly repairs from a clogged drain line.  If you need help with your HVAC system, reach out to Charlotte Heating & Air at (704) 330-3177.

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