Chick-fil-A holds meeting on new store location proposal in Mint Hill

Front view of proposed Chick-fil-A for Mint Hill. (Paul Imirie)
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More photos of the proposed building. (Paul Imirie)
Public Information Meeting Notice sign on Route 51. (Ed Berti)
Engineering design layout of the project. (Ed Berti)
Brad Simmons and citizens discuss the project. (Paul Imirie)
Board of Commissioner Richard Newton at meeting. (Paul Imirie)
Some of the crowd on hand. (Paul Imirie)

Chick-fil-A recently held a public meeting regarding their proposal to bring a store to Mint Hill over the next 12-18 months. The timeline is dependent upon how fast the approval process flows between the various construction and land permits, the town leaders, planners, engineers, and the fulfillment of DOT road requirements to complete the project.

The empty property located on Matthews-Mint Hill Road and Cresthill Drive in the center of town next door to the McEwen Funeral Home and across from the Town Hall and fountain complex was introduced by representatives of the organization to the public.

There were about 60-75 citizens, Board of Commissioners, local business owners, and residents in the local area impacted on hand at the 4:00 p.m. meeting held at the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church.

The meeting was open and informal. The attendees were able to ask questions and view all the charts and layout designs of the proposed project. The biggest concern from the attendees was the traffic flow in and out of the proposed facility, how it would impact traffic patterns and additional traffic volume on Matthews-Mint Hill Road during peak hours of operation in the mornings and evenings when residents are traveling to and from their daily commutes.

From the design layouts vehicles will have easy access from the right lane into the restaurant and outbound back into the right lane heading toward the Route 218 traffic signal. There are plans for a traffic light to be installed at Matthews-Mint Hill Road and Cresthill Drive with a turning lane into the restaurant. When leaving the establishment and making a left turn, customers will exit through Cresthill Drive and make a left turn heading toward Lawyer’s Road.

There will be landscape barriers surrounding the establishment and the facility will be able to accommodate sixty plus vehicles while providing sufficient space to handle up to thirty vehicles on the drive through line.

Finally, the company representative at the meeting clearly stated this is the only feasible Mint Hill property site their organization is interested in building a new store at this time. Therefore, it’s this property location or they will seek another suitable property in another area outside of our town.

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