Charlotte has a sweet tooth

(L-R) Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker and co-founder’s, Tiffany & Leon Chen (David Unkle)
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After two months since arriving in Waverly, it’s clear to say that Charlotte has decidedly taken to Tiff’s Treats, the warm cookie delivery store. That was evident from Day 1 when hundreds of people waited in line overnight prior to the grand opening in late August when 1700 dozen cookies were sold on a rainy Saturday alone. That’s 20,400 warm cookies in one day!

Tiff’s Treats, the brainchild of Leon and Tiffany Chen, started with a date while both were students at the University of Texas. Well, almost a date. Tiffany Taylor backed out of her date with Chen and her mother encouraged her to apologize. Tiffany made delivered some warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies and two weeks later they launched their fledgling business out of Chen’s apartment with a cell phone, twenty dollars, and a dream. Needless to say, the romance (and business) quickly blossomed. They did have some help in that Leon was a business/marketing major while Tiffany studied advertising.

In their first year, they worked over 120 hours a week to make cookies in Chen’s apartment oven and despite their baking prowess, lost $15,000 in their first year. Today, Tiff’s Treats has a dozen cookie flavors on the menu and they do a “flavor of the week” monthly. They also have milk, coffee, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and Tiffblitzes.

Available flavors are: Chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, sugar, peanut butter, M&M, chocolate chip pecan, peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, white chocolate chip and almond, and the flavor of the week

“After deciding to invest, when we were first discussing their expansion plan, they asked what we thought the next great market would be, we answered Charlotte of course. “

“They said something along the lines of “funny you should mention Charlotte… we want to open three locations there!” It was a fortuitous happenstance, but it was nice to see early on that we were aligned.”

“My first experience with Tiff’s treats was in ‘07 or ‘08. Andy and I had gone out on the town and decided to make a late-night pit stop at Tiff’s on campus. I think it was 11:00 at night and we ordered two chocolate chip Tiffwiches. From that moment on I was hooked.“ A Tiffwich in the campus store followed by two more immediately.

For more information on Tiff’s Treats, visit the website: or stop by the location in Waverly at: 7314 Waverly Walk Ave E3.

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