Green Earth Equipment
Green Earth Equipment

Ask Heath Tinsley, Vice President of Charlotte Green Earth Landscaping what sets her company apart, and she will give you this alliteration: prices, punctuality, personality. Their prices are competitive, they are dependable and on time–and they are a lot of fun to work with! A family owned business,  Green Earth serves both commercial and residential customers, and has been in business since 2000. Their business capabilities are spread through word of mouth, the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce (of which Tinsley is on the board), and through networking.

Vice President Heath Tinsley and Manager Tim Tinsley
Vice President Heath Tinsley and Manager Tim Tinsley

Through a complimentary on site review, Green Earth will give suggestions on how to landscape to take advantage of the property’s potential, then make suggestions from which the customer can choose. No doubt, the finished product will be pleasing!

For established yards and landscaping, Green Earth has a number of services. They will trim hedges to keep them tidy, and mow in the most optimal way (who knew mowing the lawn would be a math science?) Their soil test can determine the lawn’s needed nutrients, and if the turf needs water, they serve irrigation needs. A combination of disease, insect, and weed control keeps the home or business looking its best–healthy and green!

What is the biggest mistake people make in doing their own landscaping? Tinsley contends, “They put their plants in incorrect areas. Some plants require sun, others, shade–and you need to know the difference!”

Oh, and for that one or two days a year we need it, they do ice melt and snow removal. Good to know!

Charlotte Green Earth Landscaping is located at 2520 Sardis Road N, Suite 100, Charlotte 28227. Their phone number is 704-502-8097.

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