CharBar No. 7 opens in Mint Hill

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Located between Hawthorne’s Pizza and Town Hall, CharBar No. 7 is the newest addition to Mint Hill’s main street.

CharBar officially opened its doors on Tuesday, August 22. CharBar thanks the publicity and discussion generated on social media for making the opening such a success. “We basically just opened the doors,” said General Manager Aaron Sheets. “We were on a wait list, filled up the entire restaurant. People really came out to support us.”

Mint Hill is CharBar No. 7’s seventh location, the third one in the Charlotte area. The franchise hopes to bring something new to downtown Mint Hill: a relaxing dining spot with an upscale-casual atmosphere. The restaurant also brought another important element to Mint Hill: 60 new jobs, about 90% of which are filled by Mint Hill residents.

Char Bar is located in downtown Mint Hill between Hawthorne’s and Town Hall.

CharBar “No. 7” refers not to the seventh location but to the restaurant’s signature 7 oz burgers. CharBar prides itself on its high quality affordable steaks and burgers, but Regional Manager Greg Bibik promises there’s something for everyone on the menu. In addition to steaks and burgers, the menu includes seafood, chicken, sandwiches, salads and weekly features.

Something that sets CharBar No. 7 apart from many other casual upscale dining options is its diverse kid’s menu, which includes standard choices like chicken tenders and macaroni as well as more unique items like grilled salmon and sliced sirloin steak. “We don’t give the kids a frozen burger patty or frozen salmon,” says Bibik. “They get the same quality food the adults get. The steak on there is certified angus beef.”

Another element that sets CharBar No. 7 apart is its selection of high end bourbons. “Other bars in the Mint Hill area just don’t have those particular items,” says Sheets, noting that they also offer a great beer and wine selection. “You’re not going to find a better bourbon selection than we have here.”

In addition to being a great place to eat, CharBar No. 7 is also a great place to kick back and watch your team play. NFL Sunday Ticket will enable the restaurant to show every NFL game from across the country this fall. They plan on showing Panthers games and other big college and NFL games on their drop-down 10’ screen with laser projector. If football isn’t your thing, you can still come and enjoy the food. CharBar’s sophisticated sound system allows them to pipe different audio to different parts of the restaurant so those not there for the big game can listen to music while they dine.

Reception to the new restaurant so far has been overwhelmingly positive. “The new CharBar No. 7 in Mint Hill is awesome,” raves Mark Gildersleeve, citing factors like friendly and prompt service, hot and delicious food, and attentive management. “Mint Hill has a lot of places to get good food but there are very few places in Mint Hill that incorporate great food and a such a great upscale atmosphere.”

With options for indoor and outdoor dining, a bar area, a diverse menu with great options for kids, and the best ways to watch all the big games, CharBar truly has something for everyone. “Just give us an opportunity. Come on in and check us out,” says Sheets. “We’re gonna make your experience worthwhile!”

CharBar is currently open for dinner on weekdays and lunch and dinner on weekends.

CharBar No. 7 currently opens at 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and 11:30 am Saturday and Sunday. Within the next few weeks, they’ll begin opening at 11:30 daily for lunch.

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