Changing Lives FITness, an Inspiring Story

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By Tony Newberne

A North Carolina native, I have been a professional fitness trainer and dietary manager for over 10 years. I have always believed that all folks, young and old, can achieve a state of health and fitness well beyond their own expectations.

When my beloved grandfather died from kidney disease, and later my beloved grandmother died from diabetes, I realized that their deaths could have been prevented if only they had followed a healthy lifestyle. As with a large number of American families, many of my relatives are overweight, have hypertension, and suffer from other ailments. Witnessing these personal outcomes, I was motivated to avoid becoming a victim of health conditions due to sedentary living and poor eating choices. And I realized that what you do really does matter.

The result: I developed my own innovative programs of fitness and nutrition. I was determined to empower my clients with the tools and knowledge I had acquired, to achieve a new sense of fitness and wellbeing. And I practiced what I preached. But what I never imagined was how important my fitness and nutrition programs would be to my own health and survival.

I am a private person, but I now feel compelled to share my story in order to inspire and motivate others. Just a few years into my personal training career, I was diagnosed with an aggressive, advanced form of bone marrow cancer. For several years, I had to halt my growing professional practice and, instead, spend days/weeks at a time in hospital beds and rehabilitation units. I underwent years of chemotherapy, two back surgeries, and even a stem cell/bone marrow transplant. My doctors, family, and friends were not certain how long I would survive, let alone whether I would ever return to the personal training career I so relished and loved.

But with strong determination and unwavering support from my faith, family, and friends, I refused to be defeated. After years of treatments, I was finally cleared to exercise again. I returned to what I knew best, my own regimen of healthy living, nutrition, and fitness. With renewed vigor, I further researched advanced nutritional regimens, not only to survive but also to thrive.

With the opening of my studio, Changing Lives FITness, I bring to my clients, unmatched enthusiasm, knowledge, passion, and hope. I have a renewed sense of purpose, to make a difference in the lives of my clients, whether they have gone through health challenges or simply want to experience the level of fitness and wellbeing that they desire and deserve, but have yet to achieve. Join me on this exciting journey! We are located at 11300 Lawyers Road, Mint Hill. Please call me at 980-938-5210 and let me help you. In good health, Tony.

Changing Lives FITness is located at 11300 Lawyers Road, Suite K and the website is: Please call 980-938-5210, and I am happy to help you.

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