Chamber Of Commerce Welcomes Madi McKinney, SeaTrust Mortgage

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MINT HILL, NC – Meet new Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce member Madi McKinney, loan officer for SeaTrust mortgage.  A mortgage company based out of Wilmington, NC, SeaTrust just opened its Charlotte office (located in front of Mint Hill Town Hall) six months ago.

Prior to entering the mortgage industry, McKinney worked as a flight attendant.  “I lived in New York and traveled a lot,” she recalls.  “When the pandemic happened, I decided it was time for a career change because the travel industry is just not what it was previously.”

Madi McKinney at a recent meeting of Chamber-sponsored Coffee Connections
Madi McKinney at a recent meeting of Chamber-sponsored Coffee Connections

Returning to Mint Hill where she was born and raised was a homecoming for McKinney, but purchasing a home here was more work than she bargained for.  “When I moved home, my boyfriend and I bought our first house together, and the process was just so daunting!” recalls McKinney.  “I had no clue what I was doing.  I didn’t know anything about the loan process.”

“When I came back in 2020, I had a passion for real estate and for homes in general,” she continues.  “I knew I wanted to get into real estate somehow, and now I just love it.  I’m really drawn to the harder parts that put me off at first when I purchased a home.  I really enjoy making it easier for people to understand and just making it not so scary!”

McKinney started her career in the mortgage industry at Southern Trust Mortgage about a year and a half ago and transitioned to SeaTrust six months ago.  As a loan officer, McKinney draws satisfaction from helping others navigate the decisions she found stressful when she purchased her own home.  

“I have a passion for helping people with what is probably the largest purchase of their lives,” she explains.  “Buying the home that you’re going to live in is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.  It’s both emotionally and financially stressful.  It’s something you’ll always remember.  I like helping people through that process.”

McKinney especially enjoys helping women and young people navigate what can be a foreign and frightening process.  “Often, there’s such hesitation with women when it comes to investing their money and learning about financial stability,” she explains.  “I also just want to help other people my age because this isn’t something you’re taught in school, and it can be really daunting!”

What sets both McKinney and SeaTrust mortgage apart from the competition is this that they make the process of securing a loan easy.  “I personally think that SeaTrust Mortgage is one of the best mortgage companies in the industry,” says McKinney.  “We really streamline the process and make it easy for people to understand.  We’re a family-oriented company, and we won’t make you jump through a lot of hoops.”

Madi McKinney at a recent meeting of Chamber-sponsored Coffee Connections
Madi McKinney at a recent meeting of Chamber-sponsored Coffee Connections

A new member of the Chamber of Commerce, McKinney loves being a part of Mint Hill’s business community.  “I joined the Chamber because I wanted to grow my network and meet people in the industry and in other industries,” she explains.  In fact, community is what McKinney enjoys most about being back in Mint Hill.  “I was born and raised here,” she continues.  “My parents still live here, and I really just enjoy being able to know everyone in my community and be involved in things.”

If you’re looking for the perfect loan officer to help you with a home purchase, reach out to Madi McKinney today at (704) 280-3523 or  Learn more about McKinney and SeaTrust mortgage online at

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