Chamber Member Benefits: Website Exposure

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MINT HILL, NC – Did you know that membership in the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce enables you to utilize the Chamber’s website to increase your level of exposure and connectivity?

“When we revamped our website two years ago, we realized that two huge benefits of Chamber membership are exposure and connectivity,” explains Executive Director Paige McKinney.  “We thought that one of the greatest tools we could utilize to increase both exposure and connectivity was a website geared toward our members.”

All Chamber members have a self-managed online member portal, an online directory viewable not only to other Chamber members but also to the public at large.  Members can add a variety of information to their directory entry such as their physical location, email address, phone number, social media and website as well as a brief description of their business, press releases, videos and images.

“The Chamber website offers members the ability to fully optimize their profile with business descriptions, photos, links to their website and social profiles, the use of key words for search engine optimization and the ability to post business events for your business,” says Jennifer Manchester, Chamber Treasurer and Owner of Suburban Properties, LLC.  “Since moving to the new Chamber website platform, the response has been positive, and visitors have indicated the site is more use- friendly and easier to navigate.  Anyone that comes onto the Chamber site can access your profile and see what events your business is hosting.”

The directory is only one way that members can gain exposure on the Chamber website.  “One of the things that was very important to me was making sure our members had continued exposure, not just their directory exposure,” continues McKinney.  Members can add testimonials about their experience in the Chamber as well as upcoming events; both of these as well as a scrolling list of new members are accessible on the Chamber’s home page.

Manchester credits exposure via the Chamber website with helping draw an audience to events her firm has hosted.  “In the past my firm has hosted real estate investment seminars and networking events that were well received,” continues Manchester.  “We advertised these events via the chamber website along with other advertising venues and have had great success in reaching the public and getting the word out to the community.”

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