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James Rountree receiving the 2021 Ambassador of the Year Award
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MINT HILL, NC – Did you know that all active members of the Chamber of Commerce have the opportunity to influence the direction of the Chamber and Mint Hill’s business community by serving as an Ambassador?

Chamber Ambassadors are volunteers who donate their time and resources to being the crucial link between the Chamber and the community.  “They’re our ‘boots on the ground,’” explains Executive Director Paige McKinney.  “They act as goodwill representatives of the Chamber at various functions, and they encourage new membership while keeping current members engaged and informed.”

It’s clear how Ambassadors benefit the Chamber, but how does serving as an Ambassador function as a benefit for its members?

“It’s just one more opportunity to connect, give back, get to know members better, and have fun!” says 1st Choice Properties Owner Anna Granger.  “I joined the ambassador program for because I wanted to help new members learn how to use their membership to benefit their business,” adds Gary Wojciechowicz, “but meeting new members also gave me the opportunity to make new connections and potential new customers for our business.”

“I joined the Ambassador program three or four years ago,” says Denise Boston, Community & Brand Director for Chick-fil-A Albemarle Road and Mint Hill.  “I wasn’t really sure exactly what it was but felt it was a good place to volunteer.  It has enabled me to get to know other Chamber members on a more personal level in a smaller setting.  The meetings are a relaxed environment, and it keeps me informed on what’s coming up with the Chamber.”

When McKinney signed on as Executive Director, the Ambassador program had been placed on pause.  Today, she’s proud to say the program has grown to include over two dozen Ambassadors.  Each year, the Chamber even selects and honors an “Ambassador of the Year.”  The 2021 Ambassador of the Year was presented to James Roundtree of Handyman Solutions.

The Ambassador program is open to all active Chamber members.   For more information on joining the Chamber of Commerce, visit

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