Chamber Benefits: Connections That Last

Annette Smith (Mint Hill Coffee & Social House) and Anna Granger (1st Choice Properties)
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MINT HILL, NC – Not every benefit of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce can be spelled out in a brochure.  One of the intangible but vitally important benefits of being a member of Mint Hill’s Chamber of Commerce is connecting with other Chamber members, utilizing their services, and paying it forward by singing their praises to others.

One of the highlights of every Monthly Member Luncheon is “Member Shoutouts,” where everyone has the chance to share personal and professional connections they’ve made through the Chamber of Commerce.  Here are just a few highlights from past months’ luncheons.

Commissioner Tony Long (Mint Hill Tool Rental) sang the praises of Mindy Parman and Thrivent Financial.  “I got to know her through this organization,” said Long.  “I’ve got some wonderful employees, and I want to keep these people.  She’s been working with me diligently, and I’m very thankful for what she brought to the table to retain my employees.”

“I’m happy to highlight GB Electrical,” said Kim Rhodarmer (Servant’s Heart), who used GB Electrical to replace lighting in her mom’s home.  “The technician was so good that I called them back and requested that same technician to do work at my house!”

“A little over a year ago, I was out in the yard blowing weeds,” shared Commissioner Dale Dalton.  “I had a regular pair of glasses on, and a leaf flew up beneath my glasses and cut my eye.  Mint Hill Eye took care of me, and I wound up buying two more pair so glasses from them.  They’re an excellent resource here in town.”

“I can comfortably say I’ve recommended and done business with 75% of this room,” said Anna Granger (1st Choice Properties).  “Seeing you every month here, getting to know you, calling you a friend and business partner has made it very comfortable for me to recommend you and use you myself.”

“It’s so important we share these stories,” added Dalton.  “When you hear from another business owner you get that trust factor, and we want to share that as much as possible.”

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