Chamber Benefits – Coffee Connections

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MINT HILL, NC – Did you know that the Chamber of Commerce offers multiple opportunities for its members to network and connect outside of the working day?

One of those opportunities is Coffee Connections, and it’s held from 8:00 am – 9:00 am the first Friday of every month.  “Coffee connections is an opportunity for members to gather at a local Chamber Member’s business to network before business hours,” shares Executive Director Paige McKinney.  “We recognize that sometimes it’s difficult for single business owners to leave their company at lunch to attend our luncheon, so we like to provide opportunities before and after business hours to keep them connected and engaged.”

The timing is good for some members, as they cannot always break away during the day for the luncheons,” adds Denise Boston, Community and Brand Director for Chick-fil-A Mint Hill and Albemarle Road.  “It’s a small setting for members and guests to meet and greet informally.  We love to host them occasionally to showcase our business, let members know where we are, and what we can provide.  It’s a great way to meet other members, be sure to bring business cards, to share and enter for door prizes.”

Hosting Coffee Connections in May was a way for Amy Sue Salvatore, owner of the Sunflower Club, to make meaningful connections with other local businsspeople.  “Coffee Connections was the perfect chance to meet other small local business owners and even big chain representatives,” said Salvatore.  “The goal of Sunflower Club has always been to get the community working together. I was so happy when the Chamber asked us to host. I got to share how our meal outreach works, and afterwards Denise Boston offered to help with future events.  A few weeks later I had something come up and I wasn’t sure how I’d get the meals ready in time for a weekly scheduled pick-up. I texted Denise and she jumped in immediately and donated the meals.”

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