Caresmatic Estates homeless assistance in Mint Hill

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Caresmatic Estates is a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to improving the lives of the homeless community in the Charlotte region.  The organization specializes in mental health skill building for their clients.  Further, they help support individuals who have the inability to cope due to death of a spouse, a serious mental health issue, or an abusive home situation.  They view homelessness as a symptom, the lack of desire to find established housing is an indicator of deeper problems and challenges that must be addressed.  In their program they focus on the root cause and work out a solution with the patient beyond the basic needs of survival.


The home facility.

Actually a large number of folks in their care are homeless veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  This disorder is very serious that can lead to self-injury and suicide.  Having to experience violence in a combat situation or in a war zone almost on a daily basis can become extremely harmful to some of our former military members psychologically.  It’s very difficult for the average citizen to imagine the impact upon one’s well being.  It becomes a huge challenge for some veterans to assimilate back into normal society.  Caresmatic Estates will take the necessary time and effort to communicate in-depth with all of their homeless veterans to assist them to alleviate their distress.



The Kitchen

They provide a safe, clean and orderly environment for those who need assistance and have lost their way in life.  They will try to find a veteran a job, provide room and board, drive patients to doctor  appointments, distribute medications, and assisted living is provided all through the Veterans Administration.  Also, there are some runaway children, adults, and seniors citizens who are patients requiring various services to help them connect with their family and friendly support groups.  As professional caretakers, this organization can help people from all kinds of backgrounds, while specializing in veterans needs.


There are three different facility locations in the Charlotte area, with one in Mint Hill, Waxhaw and in the Cotswald area.  There is staff living in the home who must be certified as a Personal Care Aide (PCA), or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  Also, all locations can attend the Century Church of God on Sardis Road and then go out for a Sunday brunch after the service at the Golden Corral.

Sherrie Rhinehart, Owner will also provide clothing,  grooming, and personally work with family members regarding visitations and ultimately a return back to the family household if possible, depending upon the situation.  Many cannot function in the family household, so Sherrie will try to get them back together wherever it is possible.  “Many vets find it difficult to function in society because they are afraid, have lost confidence, they get judged or labeled, criticized, concerned about messing up; therefore, they unplug from society,” said Sherrie.

As a non-profit, she gets funding from the Veterans Administration, who compensates Caresmatic, while the veterans are provided a fiduciary who manages their money.  Usually the veteran’s family, guardian, social worker, or case manager make the decision to contact Sherrie.  She then will take over and try to simplify the vets life by giving them security, shelter, food, comfort, and the time needed to gain self-respect and dignity.

In Mint Hill the facility is located at 3500 Mintwood Drive, Mint Hill, NC 28227.  Sherrie Rhinehart can be reached on her cell at 704-737-8217, office 980-237-1535, or go directly to their website at

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