Capture a “Magical Moment” with Sandy Harrison

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Playing dress up: it’s a quintessential part of childhood.  If you’ve got a daughter who sleeps in her princess dress or a son who begs to wear his ninja outfit to school, Sandy Harrison of Photographic Elegance is offering a new service that’s perfect for you.

Henry holding the moon

The photography session itself is simple: Harrison photographs your child in costumes that reflect their interests.  The “magic” comes later when Harrison uses her editing skills to photoshop fantastical elements and create a piece of art that perfectly captures your child’s interests and personality.  “I get an idea for the piece of art when speaking to parents over the phone finding out about their child and what they like,” says Harrison,  “like with Henry in the astronaut outfit,  I envisioned him holding an American flag, or having him hold the moon above his head.  With the princess outfit, I knew she loved unicorns,” continues Harrison.  “I had her pretend she was feeding a unicorn an ice cream cone, all keeping in mind a vision for the finished piece of art.”

Hannah loves princesses and unicorns.

An artist specializing in traditional portrait photography, “Magical Moments” is a departure from Harrison’s normal work.  “I think it actually started with Santa,” says Harrison.  “We photograph an annual Santa experience at our studio.  I design an outdoor set that is actually inside; then I digitally add snow and composite all the elements into the image.”

The Santa experience got Harrison thinking about creating a piece of art that captured her grandson at age five.  “He has a little easel here at our studio, he loves to paint when he comes in,” says Harrison, beginning to describe the process behind what would become her first “Magical Moment” project.  “As with most boys, he is into superheroes.  I thought it would be unique to showcase his actual art that he has painted into the Magical Moments art piece as well as being a superhero.”

The result – her grandson at work painting an abstract image of Spiderman surrounded by his superhero paraphernalia and framed photographs of himself in superhero garb – is a truly special piece of art.  “Now I’m just inspired!” says Harrison.  “I’m moving forward with princesses, dancers, astronauts, firemen and whatnot. The sky is the limit with ideas!  I can make a magical piece for them that they’ll always remember.”

The recent “Stay at Home” order for all Mecklenburg County residents may not make it seem like the best time for photos, but Harrison counters that a little bit of fun, fantasy and levity is exactly what we need right now.  Harrison hopes to officially debut the final Art products – metal prints – at Matthews Alive in the fall, but she feels it’s possible to get started even now in this time of extreme social distancing.

“You could do this from your living room,” suggests Harrison.  “I could guide you through over the phone or through Facetime, guiding you toward the right light and providing direction.  With my expertise, it’s definitely an option.  With more family time, show them how important they are, have some fun dress up time, and let me create a one of a kind piece of art portraying them  at this age.”

Like many small business owners, it’s just one step Harrison is taking to adjust to a world where most small businesses are shut down indefinitely.  “To document the current Pandemic situation, I’m also offering digital hand paintings from iPhone pictures right now, taking out backgrounds and making it into a fun piece of art,” says Harrison.  “That is something that people can take advantage of right now without leaving their home.” People can purchase a digital print or a canvas.  Choose a favorite smartphone image and send it to Sandy. That cost starts at $99.”

In accordance with Mecklenburg County Emergency Management Office “Stay at Home” order for county residents, Photographic Elegance is temporarily closed.  However, there are many ways you can support Harrison during these uncertain times: purchasing gift cards at 50% off for future sessions, considering a commissioned painting, utilizing her photo restoration and graphic design services, and, of course, considering a piece of “Magical Art.”  To take advantage of any of Harrison’s services or discuss what else she can do for you from at least six feet away, call 704-598-9099.

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Mary Beth Foster
Mary Beth Foster works part time as an essay specialist at Charlotte Latin School and full time as a mom to her eight-year-old daughter Hannah and her six-year-old son Henry. Prior to having children, she worked as a high school English teacher for nine years. Most recently, she chaired the English department at Queen's Grant High School. She and her husband have lived in Mint Hill with their children and their cats since 2011. Email: