Butler JROTC visits Matthews Elementary School

Cadet with kids among books and activities.
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Cadet in classroom.
Cadet reading a story in nook with kids.

The Army JROTC program at Butler High School led by retired Lieutenant Colonel Ott Siebert continues to serve the local area community.  Recently, the cadets volunteered to read to kindergarten kids at the Matthews Elementary School located in downtown Matthews.  They adopted the school as part of their quest to serve the community and neighborhoods in which we live.

“Motivate young people to be better citizens”.  The mission statement for all Army JROTC programs that guide and instill cadets to be better than they are and to do more for their school and surrounding communities.  As a part of growth, and honing in on leadership principles that are taught in our program, cadets are expected to give selflessly of themselves as much as they can through community service and volunteerism.  This past week, a group of Butler JROTC Cadets (as part of the Adopt a School Program) volunteered their time to read to kindergarten students at Matthews Elementary School.  This event was truly welcomed, it had a positive impact in the hearts and minds of our young citizens,” said Lieutenant Colonel Siebert.

The Army JROTC is focused on providing their cadets with the belief and passion to serve our community.  The program instills integrity, respect, honor, responsibility, accountability and compassion for others.  Also, it builds character, teamwork, leadership and is an  advocate for patriotism and Americanism.  It’s about better preparing our teenage youth for adulthood and to become better citizens.

These type of community service projects and the educational activities offered by the program are what makes the JROTC a valuable resource for our youth.  It helps the cadet to become more self-reliant and to grow as an individual in a disciplined environment.

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