Butler 2019 JROTC Drill Team Champions

A sharp looking crew at Butler High School.
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Cadets from Butler High School bringing home their awards.

The 2019 Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Drill Team Champions are the Bulldogs from David W. Butler High School, Matthews, North Carolina.  The Army JROTC Drill Team continues to set the standard of excellence to make our local surrounding community area proud.

The cadets finished ahead of other area high schools including our hometown Independence Air Force JROTC cadets, Providence, Ardrey Kell, East Mecklenburg, Rocky River, and other CMS schools in the County.

A drill meet is a competition for military-style drill teams.  A military drill team is a marching unit that performs routines based on various military drills both armed and unarmed.  They compete against other JROTC drill teams.  Many basic military drills are performed along with more complex drills including rifle drills in a series of movements with coordination and precision.

Each drill meet has different phases.  However, generally, drill meets include both an armed and unarmed divisions.  This may include inspections, color guard regulation drill, and exhibition drill in which the competing units march in intricate maneuvers.  This could be a solo/one-man driller, tandem/two-man drill, small team 4-8 drillers, or a platoon/flight 9-26 drill team members.

The Butler cadets did an amazing job with precision drilling beating out all Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps CMS JROTC programs.  Also, noteworthy, Butler’s Color Guard ranked the highest out of all schools and received the honor and privilege to present our national colors at this year’s upcoming Superintendent’s Cup Awards Ceremony on April 25, 2019, at the Bojangles Coliseum.

The Corps JROTC Department Chair, Lieutenant Colonel Ott Siebert is very proud of these cadets for their hard work, commitment, and dedication they all made to accomplish this mission.

With Memorial Day rapidly approaching, Remember the Flag!  Family, Leadership, Ambassadorship, and Growth are the four pillars of success in the Butler High School Army JROTC Program.   Hooah!

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