Business works to fill healthcare gaps

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Dr. Mike Smith and others at Carolinas Natural Health Center look to help people improve their overall health.

The center focuses on natural healthcare and works to treat the individual instead of symptoms.

The business, which is at 1114 Sam Newell Road, Suite A in Matthews, offers a variety of natural health focused treatments and services.

“We specialize in helping people optimize their health,” Smith said.

He emphasized that to him, natural healthcare is not a replacement for traditional healthcare, but helps fill in gaps.

Often traditional healthcare focuses on treating illness and sickness, but forgets about overall health. With his business, he wants to put more focus on the whole person, Smith said.

“My true mission is to change the face of healthcare,” he said.

Smith started Carolinas Natural Health Center 12 years ago after moving to the Matthews area from Phoenix, Ariz.

At the time there were not a lot of natural health options in the area and he felt there was a need for an office like his. Since then, business has been great at the center and today they are continually working to bring in new patients as well as services, Smith said.

According to the Carolinas Health Center website, treatment at the center is offered for a variety health conditions. ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, diabetes, eczema, headaches/migraines, infertility and thyroid disorders are just some of conditions treated. Patients of the center also have the opportunity to learn more about and benefit from health talks and classes, homeopathy services, massage and bodywork, weight loss services, wellness consults and more.

“I want to help put health back into the equation and help put people back in the driving seat,” Smith said when discussing his goals for the business.

More information about services, upcoming events and treatments offered at Carolinas Natural Health Center can be found at

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