Burn Bootcamp, An Empowering Fitness Experience

Owner Chantha Lam is excited to bring Burn Bootcamp's outstanding fitness program to Mint HIll!
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MINT HILL, NC – The premiere fitness center Burn Boot Camp is coming to Mint Hill in June! Intrepid owner Chantha Lam is proud to join the vibrant Mint Hill community and aims to empower females through intense workout classes that strengthen the body and build confidence and resilience! Burn Boot Camp is a (mostly) female fitness training center that transforms the lives of its clients through vigorous 45-minute workouts designed to tighten, tone, and strengthen the body while building confidence to face any challenge that life throws at you. In addition, the gym centers around a feeling of community, and the Burn Boot Camp family is there with you providing constant support!

The 45-minute Burn Boot Camp workout comprises an active warm-up, a demanding workout scalable to all fitness levels, and a finisher routine. In addition to its unique workout regimen, Burn Boot Camp features a floating floor, focus meetings, Burn gear, Burn nutrition, childcare options, stimulating workouts, and an empowering and supportive family community. Burn Boot Camp’s five-star trainers encourage you to push yourself to meet your fitness goals while providing the necessary modifications to succeed. All trainers attend Burn University, where they learn top-rated skills related to teaching, marketing, and building confidence in females.

You can expect Burn Boot Camp’s “Blue Carpet Experience” on your first visit. The Blue Carpet experience includes a “meet and greet” with the Burn Ambassador, who will introduce you to your trainer, give you a tour of the facility, inquire about any issues, alert the trainer to any modifications you may require, and answer any questions you may have. In addition, you will receive an “I Crushed My First Camp” complimentary photo at the end of your first class.

Owner Chantha Lam opened Burn Boot Camp to make a real difference in women’s lives. “We want to make our mark and inspire women to transform their lives—all are welcome as we want to build a diverse community of confident individuals,” Lam remarked. She states that Burn Boot Camp is a family where everyone is at a different level in their health journey. “No matter your age or fitness level, we will help you celebrate every success, no matter how small, to improve your overall health,” Lam said.

The environment at Burn Boot Camp is exciting, uplifting, and welcoming. Energy remains high throughout the workout, with trainers and classmates encouraging you to keep going—everyone supports each other! At Burn Boot Camp, they ask that you take that first step—after that, it only gets better from there!

Membership options at Burn Boot Camp vary by location but consist of 6, 12, and 18-month options. All memberships include Universal Membership, Complimentary Childwatch, Unlimited Camps, and One-On-One Focus Meetings. There is also the Camp Pack option if you are not ready to commit to an unlimited membership. Specials and promotions for the Mint Hill Location are forthcoming—for more information, please visit their website at burnbootcamp.com/locations/mint-hill-nc/. Burn Boot Camp is currently hiring CPT trainers, Customer Relations/Front Desk employees, and childwatch caretakers. Please email your resume to minthillnc@burnbootcamp.com if you are interested in applying.

Burn Boot Camp Mint Hill is located at 3601-1 Matthews Mint Hill Road in Matthews. You can visit their website or reach them via email at minthillnc@burnbootcamp.com with any questions and follow them on social media via Facebook at Burn Bootcamp Mint Hill NC or Instagram @burnbootcampminthillnc. Burn Bootcamp looks forward to welcoming you to your fitness journey!

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