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Monica Hailey Sharpe opened the doors of her Carolina Hemp franchise in May of 2020.
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MINT HILL, NC – When her daughter Christina was diagnosed with cancer, Monica Hailey Sharpe recognized she would be walking a difficult road. As Monica watched her daughter go through the courses of chemo and radiation treatments, she learned quickly that pain regulation was going to be key to her daughter’s success. Monica took it upon herself to put in the time and do the research. Through that process, Monica discovered Hemp and CBD oil. The doctor’s commented on their amazement at Christina’s pain management using these natural products. When her daughter was proclaimed cancer-free, Monica knew that giving this victory and knowledge to others who needed it was a passion she had to pursue.

Monica Sharpe with her daughter during Christina's battle with breast cancer.
Monica Hailey Sharpe with her daughter during Christina’s battle with breast cancer.

Monica says it wasn’t just her daughter that benefited from the use of CBD oils. After numerous car accidents and bouts with anxiety and stress, Monica began using the oils, too. She visited the Asheville Carolina Hemp store and tried their merchandise. Monica says the effect was almost immediate. “I began using the CHC Natural sublingual oil, and within minutes a sense of calm came over my entire being,” she says. “From that moment I became a true believer in the product. The more I experienced the benefits of hemp oil, the more I wanted to share those benefits with others.”

Towards the end of 2020, Monica learned that Carolina Hemp was planning on franchising throughout the state. “I knew that opening a franchise was a chance to realize my desire to help others on a larger scale,” Monica shares.  “However, finding a location to open was difficult. I faced a lot of ‘closed doors.’ Consistently, I prayed that God would direct me where He wanted me to be,” she continues. “He brought me to Mint Hill, and I am so grateful. I opened my doors on May 11, 2020, and I have a heart full of joy each day I drive into town.”

Customers have a variety of organically grown, locally sourced options to choose from at Carolina Hemp Company.
Customers have a variety of organically grown, locally sourced options to choose from at Carolina Hemp Company.

Interested individuals should come to Carolina Hemp Company first because Monica personally educates customers on CBD and Hemp. “I make sure each person who comes to my shop learns how the endocannabinoid system works, how the natural elements of Hemp or CBD attach to their receptors, and how it helps balance their system and get it back to normal,” Monica explains. “Then, I listen to what each person needs. I learn how they feel, what aches in their body, and their levels of anxiety or stress. It is not until after I fully understand a customer and their story that I make a recommendation.”

Monica is also fervent in her desire to put the best product in front of her customers. “At Carolina Hemp, we take pride in our merchandise. We are not just following the latest trends in the market. We know how our hemp flower growers make the product. We know it comes from local, organic farms in and around Asheville, NC. We know how to correctly produce and package our oils,” Monica informs. “Not all CBD oil is grown correctly and packaged safely. If a customer doesn’t have the knowledge to make an informed decision, they can sometimes make their problems worse. Consumers need to know what they are getting.”

Monica Sharpe walks her customers through their pain control options.
Monica Hailey Sharpe walks her customers through their pain control options.

For Monica, the ability to encourage the people around her is the driving force in her life and her business. In fact, she is preparing to host her Second Annual Breast Cancer event. It will be held on October 6th from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm at the Mint Hill Carolina Hemp location: 11205 Lawyers Road, Unit B. “I’ve always made a big deal about October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. Last year was such a blessing, we just have to do it again,” Monica excitedly announces. “The pink fire truck will come out. There will be a DJ. Free food and Italian ice will be offered to those who attend. And, most importantly, I will be there to hand out pamphlets that contain information about cancer and hemp. My hope is everyone will leave with more knowledge than they came with.”

Sharpe has created a welcoming atmosphere to help her educate customers in her store.
Sharpe has created a welcoming atmosphere to help her educate customers in her store.

Monica’s main motivation continues to be helping people heal no matter what they’re struggling with. She recently published a book, Redemptive (2019), which narrates her own struggles with physical and emotional pain, specifically as a survivor of childhood molestation. “Everyone goes through heartache in their lives,” Monica says. “It is so important for people to know they aren’t alone. No matter what someone may have gone through, there is always someone who has gone through it, too. I want to reassure people that pain is only one part of their story, not their whole story,” Monica concludes. “The world these days does not have enough kindness or respect for others. I want to help and uplift people around me, whether that is through CBD and Hemp oil, or just by giving a friendly smile and a bit of support.”

For more information on how you can love your endocannabinoid system today visit and begin the process of bringing balance through hemp.

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