Bright Crayon Marketing: Standing Out from the Rest

Rachel Gerstner, owner of Bright Crayon Marketing
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As a young, single mom of twin girls, Rachel Gerstner knew she would never settle for mediocre. She wanted to do something that would make her girls proud and motivate them to go above and beyond to find success. “I knew what success looked like in my mind and it wasn’t necessarily financial dollars,” said Rachel.

While working as a dental hygienist, Rachel developed an interest in patient relationships. She stumbled across an opportunity to do in-office dental marketing and the light went off. Her creative nature and entrepreneurial spirit began to thrive. With no “school training” in marketing, Rachel had to hit the ground running.

One day while attending a dental marketing conference, Rachel sketched out her logo and knew she was ready to start her own business. In November 2014, Rachel launched Bright Crayon Marketing and hasn’t looked back since. Now, happily married with another child, Rachel has created a work-life balance that she feels good about.

Rachel Gerstner, Brand Manager, Designer & Marketing Enthusiast

Rachel’s mission at Bright Crayon Marketing is to tell the world the story behind your business. “Whether that be from one visual effect of a logo design, a minute of someone browsing your website, writing a blog post, or meeting with you so you understand again why you started your business and how to make it effective; our goal is to tell people your story for you.”

Just like many other successful small business owners, Rachel has had to do a lot to get where she is today. From sleepless nights, to knocking on doors, and dedicating time to research, the learning never stops. With the support of her husband and family, Rachel has been able to put her heart and soul into her work.

When Rachel meets with a prospective client, she looks at their business plan and helps them to see their vision. She will map out a marketing plan to possibly include a new logo, content writing, and blogging, among other aspects that lead to brand recognition. “If you are a small business, your brand is your identity.”

Some of Rachel’s clients include national brands, clothing boutiques, fitness franchises, and dental offices. She enjoys spending time face-to-face to find out what her clients want. Rachel recently added custom print to her services. When someone has a logo design, she can provide them with the whole branding package from business cards to stationery. In addition, she has been working with brides to create temporary websites so their guests can learn about wedding details.

Bright Crayon Marketing has earned recognition for its distinct campaigns. One of Rachel’s clients, a men’s clothing brand, won a Twitter campaign with Unilever, where they gave jackets to children in inner cities. She is proud of the work that was done and the relationship she built with her client.

Rachel believes Bright Crayon Marketing stands out from the rest because they spend the time to get to know your business. “We are not going to recreate your business into something you don’t want. We use a creative, artistic approach to mold a business into something that’s more desirable to the public.”

For more information about Rachel and Bright Crayon Marketing, visit her website at


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