Bob Parm and Chris Conlan: A Mortgage Lending Duo With a Personalized Approach

Bob Parm and Chris Conlan, the dynamic duo of mortgage lending. (Photo: Chris Conlan)
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Acquiring a mortgage is a serious endeavor.  Making decisions as important as those involved in buying a home can be a dizzying burden.  As the yin and yang of mortgage lending, Bob Parm and Chris Conlan are here to bring balance to the minds and bank accounts of homebuyers by bringing old-school care and compassion together with modern lending solutions.

Parm and Conlan represent American Financial Network as Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager/Loan Originator respectively.  As a duo, the once abrasive relationship has spawned a chemistry that would make peanut butter and jelly wonder where they went wrong.  “Bob is the face and Chris does the heavy-lifting,” they said, but that isn’t the whole story.

As their partnership evolved,  Parm and Conlan began to realize that they would play distinctly different but equally important roles.  Parm is a people person and his caring nature allows for him to establish meaningful relationships with clients and guide them through the lending process in a way that many modern firms simply aren’t inclined to. Conlan, conversely, makes sure that the numbers are crunched and the ducks are in rows.

Chris Conlan with his daughter. He isn’t all numbers. (Photo: Chris Conlan)

Clichés aside, they are a team that provides an important service in a time when buying a home in Charlotte and the surrounding areas can be difficult.  There is a lack of inventory available for purchase making for a tight market that only an educated buyer will have success in.  Quick and easy is the trend in mortgages today but that system can lead to a short-term mindset that isn’t appropriate for a long term loan.

Parm and Conlan pride themselves on taking the time to build relationships with clients, to get to know them and to understand their full financial picture before moving forward in the home buying process.  They understand the significance of a home-loan and they make sure that their clients do too.  With home values on the rise, potential homeowners must be well informed and understand all of the intricacies of home buying before they jump in to the American Dream.

American Financial Network logo (Credit: Chris Conlan)

Bob Parm and Chris Conlan are here to guide you from being a homebuyer into being a well informed homeowner so that you can live your American Dream confidently.  For more information contact Bob Parm at 704-778-2603 or Chris Conlan at 704-609-5017 or visit

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