Bob Lucas: Personalized Service, Trusted Advice for all your financial needs

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Bob Lucas’ Allstate office is located in downtown Mint Hill near Town Hall.

We all know that Allstate keeps your home and automobile in “Good Hands.” What you may not know is that Allstate offers a full array of financial services: life and disability insurance, investment solutions, and even commercial products for small business owners, Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation Insurance, Business Owners Policies, General Liability, Commercial Property, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers Coverage

“We really are putting more and more emphasis on being a total solution for the financial protection our Clients,” says Mint Hill Allstate Owner Bob Lucas. “We can protect everything from the unexpected for a family or business.”

One of Lucas’ personal missions is to help young people to develop a saving plan for life and to understand the importance of obtaining life insurance at an early age. “The best time to buy life insurance is when you’re young and haven’t developed any health issues!” says Lucas, adding that we can write a quarter million dollar policy for a healthy 30-something individual for less than a dollar per day.

Allstate is currently offering an innovative new Term Life Product that allows the family of a deceased loved one to continue receiving a monthly pay check. “If something happens to the breadwinner for the family, we can see that they continue to receive the money to pay their bills for an extended period of time,” adds Lucas. “That allows a family time to move on without the added concern of replacing income.”

Another important type of coverage Lucas offers that many clients haven’t considered is a personal umbrella policy, a policy that covers liability and defense costs that go beyond the limits set by your primary insurance.

Lucas uses the example of auto insurance to explain when an umbrella policy can come in handy. “The state requires that you have a thirty-thousand liability benefit for Bodily Injury if you’re at fault in an accident,” says Lucas. “That’s to pay doctors and hospital bills. If you’re at fault in an accident and someone that’s in the car that you hit has a serious injury and has to go to the hospital, it’s nothing for a hospital bill to be seventy-thousand dollars. Well, if you’ve got thirty-thousand in liability protection, guess where they come looking for the forty-thousand above that? Or say somebody slips and falls on your front steps. Umbrellas cover both of those. They raise the level of coverage up to a million dollars, and we can even write larger personal umbrellas if a client requires.”

Lucas can also assist his clients with investment and retirement solutions, and likely improve overall return plus we don’t charge our clients for these services. “We try to minimize expenses for our clients and create a plan that protects the things that matter most! We want to be more involved with the family and offer a total protection package so that they don’t lose the things they have been lucky enough to acquire” says Lucas. “If our clients have assets they have set aside, we want to see if we can’t help them to grow it over the long haul and protect from losses.”

When asked about the advantage of bundling all these different types of policies under one agent like Allstate is savings. “The more things you insure with one company the more discounts you can earn,” says Lucas. “Our biggest discount is having home and auto together. If you’ve got life insurance along with that, you can get another discount. If you’ve got your business insurance with us, there’s another discount you’ll receive.”

But as Lucas will tell you himself, it’s not always about the lowest price. Lucas and his associates pride themselves on a superior level of personalized customer service. “First thing you do if you have a claim: call me,” says Lucas. “Because we’re going to discuss what the implications of that are, and we’re going to make smart decisions, totally knowledgeable of the situation, so you don’t get into a jam. You don’t have to call and go through twenty different people telling your story over and over again. We handle that for you.”

Lucas also takes pride in being active in the community. “I’ve always been a firm believer in if you’re going to live and work in a community you’ve gotta give back to the community that you serve,” says Lucas. Through the Allstate Foundation, Lucas has donated to many local nonprofits like Blessed Assurance, Mint Hill Historical Society and Hometown Heroes. They’ve also helped fund and build homes with Habitat for Humanity, supported Mint Hill Arts, and worked to eliminate Human Trafficking and Abuse with Redeeming Joy. They have worked with Mint Hill Police Department to publish and distribute educational materials in Mint Hill Schools

Insurance coverage isn’t something we like to think about, but Lucas and his associates make it so you don’t have to. “Bad things happen to good people all day long,” says Personal Financial Representative Michael Friedman. “We actually protect people against four, five, six, seven different types of financial catastrophes. And that’s the bottom line. That’s what it’s all about. Protecting what matters most!!!”

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