Board of Commissioners Meet, Building Project, EMS Services key topics

Jerry Mullis, Chairman, Board of Directors, MHVFD. (Paul Imirie)
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Mayor Ted Biggers, Police Chief Tim Ledford, King Cobras Youth Football. (Paul Imirie)
Sheryl Smith and Robyn Imirie enjoying the new fountain. (Paul Imirie)
Rezoning Site on Cabarrus Road, Route 24/27 Albemarle Road. (Ed Berti)
Rezoning site Cabarrus Road near railroad tracks and Route 24/27 Albemarle Road. (Ed Berti)

The Board of Commissioners and Town of Mint Hill management had a recent meeting on July 11, 2019 at the Town Hall showcasing the new water fountain.

The commissioners quickly approved the minutes of the June 13th regular meeting. They also approved the following items. (A) To accept the audit contract with Rowell, Craven, and Short; (B) Authorize the town manager to execute easement agreement with Charlotte Water, and (C) Accept May treasurer’s report and financials.

There was a “Quarterly Developer’s Workshop” prior to the general meeting with presentations made by two developers Brookline Homes and Epcon Communities regarding an upcoming potential residential development on 14333 Idlewild Road.

New Building Project: 

A public hearing on docket number ZC19-2, filed by MHIP, LLC on parcel number 139-092-19, located at 13936 Cabarrus Road, to allow a conditional zoning request for a storage warehouse and landscape material yard at the Mint Hill Business Park. The company interested in building the project is Lanier Material Sales who want to construct the facility and yard on Lot #2 in the Business Park. They are requesting conditional use rezoning for potential future industrial and manufacturing development. Also, to reduce the current residential buffer from 100 feet to 50 feet.

The company appears to operate clean facilities in Pineville, Charlotte, and Mount Holly. They have plans to construct a small office building and will have material handling equipment in the yard and at the facility. The firm anticipates between 30-40 mostly pick-up trucks, light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles, along with dump trucks to enter and leave the facility daily. The vehicles will pick-up loads of gravel, mulch, stones, sand, and other material used for landscaping projects for both residential and commercial use. The dump trucks will primarily deliver material to the yard.

The project will be in two phases, Phase I, will be the landscape material yard which will have single access on Cabarrus Road. The second phase, is the industrial building that will have a single access for vehicles through the Business Park off of Jomac. The two development phases do not connect which is a plus for residence in the area who may be concerned about additional heavy duty dump truck traffic flow on Cabarrus Road and nearby Arlington Church Road which is all residential and farmland. The traffic pattern is expected to flow in and out onto Route 24/27, Albemarle Road.

The material yard in Phase I is expected to begin construction immediately after the permits are issued. The second phase may take up to 5 years to begin, according to John Hoard, Planning Director.

EMS Service Transfer to Medic:

The key point covered by Jerry Mullis, Chairman, Board of Directors, Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department include some residence concerns about response time. The plan includes  Medic at all times to have available one ambulance located in Mint Hill. The transition of ambulance transport is an addition to Medic’s current services to the town. This includes providing 911 dispatch services for the Mint Hill community. The Fire Department does not anticipate any major delays in increased response time in ambulance transport.

Those who call 911 will continue to receive the same capable and professional service provided today by members of the Mint Hill Fire Department. The local first responders will continue to arrive quickly on the scene to handle the immediate emergency, whether it be fire, medical, or a rescue situation. The only difference is if ambulance transport is required to a nearby hospital, the service will be provided by Medic.

Youth Football:

Finally, there is a new youth football team forming in town, the Mint Hill King Cobras. This youth organization is located at Lebanon Road Elementary School. Sign ups are on Saturday’s 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The certified coaches are seeking players between the ages of 6 to 14. Also, flag football is available for those who want to participate.

The program builds character, discipline, and structure. It is a Christian based family oriented organization. For more information, please contact Coach Jonathan Thompson at 704-299-3517.

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