Blessings In A Box

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MINT HILL, NC – Community is such a strong asset of Mint Hill, a town that many find a perfect place to call home. Each of us has different reasons why we love this community so much, but there is a common thread between all: their presence of longevity in this community. 

The presence of a building that stands as a place to worship is a great example of how a community of people can come together and keep growing for over 250 years. There are many places in Mint Hill with this mark, but the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church is the one place that is dedicated to keeping the heritage strong. As one of the longest-standing congregations in the area, the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church of Mint Hill is one the oldest churches in the county. It is located in the heart of Mint Hill on Bain School Road. The church offers traditional Presbyterian worship services including Sunday School along with The Journey worship service—a casual alternative worship service with progressive music and a practical message. Over the last 250 years, the church has grown spiritually while serving the community.

Blessing Box at the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church close up view
Photos by Philadelphia Presbyterian Church

One mission that is very special to Philadelphia Presbyterian Church is feeding the hungry. They want to be known as the church in the community that feeds the hungry. Over the years, they knew they could reach out to more people and serve the community better in this mission, but they weren’t  sure how. Over the years, the idea of a Blessing Box was born. The project was worked on with diligence, and over the past winter, it all came together.

The Blessing Box is located outside the front of the church. It is a wooden box with doors that allows people to give and take as needed.  Some of the people that are most in need are often embarrassed to ask those who give, and the church designed this project with those people— and everyone—in mind. It is a way to give to the community anonymously, and for those in need, the box may be the blessing that is needed. The Blessing Box holds non-perishable foods along with toiletries. It has been registered on the Little Free Pantry National Registry and can be found when searching for a location near our area. This box is simply a great way to share with the community the love Philadelphia Presbyterian has for everyone as they strive to make sure no one goes hungry.

Pastor Miller picture
Photos by Philadelphia Presbyterian Church

The longevity of Philadelphia Presbyterian Church is very impressive. A church that can continue through two-plus centuries is a house of worship that should stand for many more. This attracts many members to join the church and also join in leadership roles. The longevity of the church and the community that surrounds it was one reason that Rev. Dr. Herbert Dean Miller recently took the position of Senior Pastor and Head of Staff. Pastor Miller relocated from Ohio with his family in November of 2020. 

Because the Millers arrived during COVID, they weren’t able to enjoy the hugs and handshakes ministers and their families normally receive at their new churches. Nonetheless, they were made to feel right at home by this warm and loving church. Mint Hill is now home to the Millers, and they are enjoying everything the community has to offer. As the newest staff member of the church, Pastor Miller serves the church and community with pride. Outside his professional life, he enjoys exercising, traveling, drinking coffee, and listening to the Avett Brothers. And, of course, spending time with his wife, Aimee, and their three daughters! 

Pastor Miller head shot
Photos by Philadelphia Presbyterian Church

The community members of Mint Hill and the Mint Hill Times want to extend a warm welcome to the Miller family. 

Philadelphia Presbyterian Church is located at 11501 Bain School Road, Mint Hill, NC. The Blessing Box is located outside of the front of the church in a small garden area.

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