Barn arrives in Mint Hill at the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village

Truck arrives at 9:15 am on Wednesday morning. (Paul Imirie)
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Lumber being stacked. (Paul Imirie)
Lumber being discharged from flatbed. (Paul Imirie)
Heavy lumber arriving next to foundation. (Paul Imirie)
Aerial view from drone. (Paul Imirie)

Finally, the long-awaited historic barn all the way from Ohio arrived at the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village on Wednesday, February 27, 2020. Over one hundred years ago barns were built by friends and neighbors.

The barn material arrived with stacks of timbers and lumber which are now sitting on the site of the foundation. This is a very exciting time for those who have worked so long and hard to fulfill this achievement at the Mint Hill Historical Society. However, there is still a lot to get accomplished before the barn is complete and ready to open to the public including private family events.

The barn will be a place to understand the past and remind visitors of the integral role farming played in the development of the local area. It also will be a place for families to gather and celebrate special occasions such as weddings, graduations, family reunions and more.

The timbers are being sorted for construction and the planners are setting up a plan for staining the boards.

The Mint Hill Historical Society’s Facebook page will have updates as the different phases of construction are laid out by the planners to complete each phase of the project.

The Society is seeking volunteers to assist with staining along with the actual construction.  It is essential to have community support to keep the project on course. Also, gifts and donations are certainly welcome, the barn raising funds received will be invested directly in building the barn in a three-phase construction plan.

Therefore, all potential barn builders who have an interest in participating in such an event should contact Suzanne McDonald, Administrative Director. She can be contacted by telephone at 704-573-0726, or for more information.

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