Barks, Bones & Biscuits Now Open for Grooming

Barks Bones Biscuits
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Barks, Bones & Biscuits in Mint Hill, NC is now accepting appointments for pet grooming beginning April 16.

Barks, Bones & Biscuits is located in downtown Mint Hill behind Showmars.

NC Executive Order No. 121, also known as the “Stay at Home” order, mandated that many businesses close temporarily in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 by reducing instances where individuals interact.  However, the order also recognized that certain businesses – those “essential to the response to COVID-19, to the infrastructure of the State and nation, and to the day-to-day life of North Carolinians” – remain open.  

Pet groomers occupy a curious and tenuous space relative to that definition.  While a freshly bathed pet may not seem “essential,” groomers actually provide services that are essential to a pet’s or owner’s quality of life.  “We’re in a category of our own,” says Barks, Bones & Biscuits Owner and Groomer Robyn Kline. “We’re essential, but we’re also not essential.” 

Under the Stay at Home Order, Kline could have kept Barks Bones & Biscuits open due to the supplies she carries for pets; however, the order prohibited her from completing grooming services, which are her main source of income.

So Kline made her case to the state for why her AKC-certified pet grooming services are essential to the community.  “Groomers see a lot of things that owners don’t, under the fur, in the mouth, and in-ears, things that a lot of people don’t pay much attention to,” says Kline.  “It’s not only for the cleanliness and care of the pet; it’s also beneficial for the owner. Owners that have asthma, health issues or allergies – grooming their pet keeps the hair down, keeps hair mites off the dogs, and keeps shedding out of the air and the home.”

Grooming is about more than making a dog look pretty

In essence, grooming is about a lot more than giving a dog a bath and putting a bow in its hair.  Kline uses her own Newfoundland as an example. Allergic to his own body yeast and ear yeast, he needs to be bathed regularly to avoid chronic ear infections and skin irritation.  “It really is a health issue for pets and owners,” says Kline.

Beginning April 16, Kline will offer first-come-first-served grooming services by appointment only.  All the grooming services Kline normally offers will be available, but appointments will be limited to reduce personal interaction.  Normally able to groom about fifteen dogs in a day, Kline will accept one dog at a time, which the owner will drop off at the store, removing its collar and leash before turning the dog over to Kline.  To make an appointment, call Robyn Kline at 980-237-8590 or 980-297-1008 (cell).

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