Barking Duck celebrates third birthday

The Barking Duck Celebrated its third birthday with four special release drafts.
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On Saturday, September 2, The Barking Duck Brewing Company celebrated its third birthday. “The second of September, 2014,” says owner Josh Carl, “That’s when we opened our doors up the street behind the Food Lion.”

Saturday’s event was about more than commemorating The Barking Duck’s opening. It was also an occasion to celebrate the connections that the brewery has made with other local businesses over the past three years.

The Barking Duck premiered several new drafts in honor of the occasion. “The Birfday” blonde, “From Down Town” Belgian tripel, “Fuggle Rock” single hop pale ale and “The Man in Black” Graff were all on tap. These special releases were only available at the third anniversary celebration, but the owners have plans for most of them to return in the future.

In addition to The Barking Duck’s draft selections, the event featured beer from two other local breweries. Waxhaw-based DreamChasers Brewery served up their “high octane” Imperial Stout and their Booty Brew, a honey blonde that supports the 24 Hours of Booty cycling fundraiser. DreamChasers came out to support The Barking Duck and encourage Mint Hill residents to visit their brewery in downtown Waxhaw.

DreamChasers Brewery is located in downtown Waxhaw.

Also on site was Southern Range Brewing Company serving up their award-winning Blood Orange Wheat and their Coffee Blonde. “We’re just trying to spread a little bit of Monroe out here in Mint Hill,” says Josh. “This is something just for today, but we do have a good relationship with these guys. We’re very close with them; anytime we need anything from them, they help us out.”

The Barking Duck doesn’t serve food, but patrons have been able to enjoy food with their beer often this summer at the brewery’s Friday night food truck rallies. The anniversary celebration actually took the place of a Friday night food truck rally and featured offerings from Sticks and Cones, Maryland Crab Company, Dumpling Girls and Bebo’s Mac Shack.

The event featured food from four different food trucks.

The event also showcased local vendors like Laurie Rank, who sells Lularoe. Rank had visited the Barking Duck before with her family, but it was her first time selling there. “It’s been a good way to connect with people, and everybody is local, so it’s a win-win!” said Rank. “All local businesses are winning today.

Local Lularoe retailer Laurie Rank

Mint Hill Roasting Company was also on site promoting their coffee, which is as local and fresh as it can be. “We actually roast out of our home right now,” they said. “We roast single batch small roasts, so we roast to order. If you order one pound, we roast it right then and bring it to you!” Mint Hill Roasting Company has been working with The Barking Duck to get their whiskey-infused cold brew on tap at the brewery. The Barking Duck will also be brewing a beer with their coffee.

In addition to food, drinks and shopping, the event was also a fundraiser. “We’re helping out a guy who does a local charity,” says Carl. “Every year he does a cornhole tournament and we’re benefiting the Teaching Fellow Institute. All the proceeds go to them.” The event also featured a few local bands playing for donations that will go to the Teaching Fellows Institute.

“This was one big event to just kind of celebrate where we’re going and the direction we’re going,” says Carl, who happily called the event “one big block party.”

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