Attention Mint Hill Residents: Johnny King is Back

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For over 20 years, Johnny King faithfully served Mint Hill families with his lawn mower repair know-how. After several years of many loyal customers asking him when he would bring his shop back, King is happy to oblige. “Another company was in town and able to offer new mowers and parts for sale. When I originally closed, I thought I was doing what was best for Mint Hill customers,” he explains.

Now, Johnny King is opening his business Mint Hill Tractor (formerly A & J Lawn Mower Repair). And what is he bringing to Mint Hill as he reopens shop? Reasonable rates and a passion to educate owners about their small engines.

Reasonable Rates

Johnny knows that people need reliable and affordable mechanics. “Many large companies can wait for weeks until they have free freight on their parts,” King shares. “That can run up the cost for the customer, both in time and price. I keep things simple and affordable.” And Johnny isn’t kidding. With a seventy dollar per hour rate and a twenty-four hour turn around on parts, his numbers match his promise.

Johnny understands during the busy times of the year home-owners need their lawn mowers repaired and returned with speed and at a low cost. With Spring coming upon Mint Hill, Johnny is excited to offer by call appointments on Tuesday and Wednesdays until his hours expand in March. “A customer can drop off their mower on Monday night and have it back no later than Thursday. No one will miss that weekend mowing rendezvous their yard needs.”

Passion to Educate Owners

Johnny is also excited to educate his customer base. “A lot of people don’t know that lawn mower engines are just as important as car engines,” King says. “In many ways, mower engines need better upkeep than cars.”

Because a mower engine runs on fewer cylinders and smaller pistons, its revolutions per minute (rpm) are much higher. A car performs around 1500 rpms; a mower averages 2500 rpms. This means a lawn mower engine works harder and faster. “A smaller engine does a whole lot more work. Oil changes and tune ups need to happen at least twice a year.” King informs. “Simple and consistent care can help a lawn mower outlast a car.”

King is also very consumer focused. “I’m passionate about helping people out. I want my customers to have confidence in the performance of their mowers and in the promise of their mechanic.” King says with zeal. “Whatever engine a customer brings me, I won’t turn away. I will diagnose, explain, and fix the problem. I’m building my business up by make customers happy. It’s gonna be that way no matter how big I may get. My desire is to take care of people.”

“I see this new shop as God looking at me and telling me ‘Here’s your second chance,’” he says with a grin.

King encourages customers to call him anytime at 704-905-0798 to schedule an appointment. Whether you have known him for years or you are calling for the first time, Johnny hopes you will know his main goal is to help the residents of the hometown he loves so much.

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