Artist, designer, and historian: James Boyd opens Extraordinaire Gifts in Mint Hill

The new store, Extraordinaire Gifts, Advanced Automobile Creations, Pedal Cars, Etc., is located in the Mint Hill Plaza, at 11205 Lawyers Road, Suite B.
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Extraordinaire Gifts has opened in Mint Hill Plaza on Lawyers Road, and owner, James Boyd, wants everyone to know — there’s a new type of store in town. Whether you are looking for something to elevate your home, office, or the local club, you can find one-of-a-kind items on every shelf. Boyd says his extraordinary life as an artist, designer, and historian is what inspires him to fill his store with such unique products.

“This is the only piece of its kind, and it is available for purchase.” Boyd shows off his distinctive diorama of a presidential motorcade.

Boyd, a native of Hackensack, New Jersey, has been an automobile designer since he was twelve years old. He has designed thousands of unique forms of cars in his lifetime. “Many of the things I designed fifty years ago have come to be a part of modern automobiles,” Boyd explains. “I have designs which project what cars might look like all the way until the year 2099.” This passion is reflected in the inventory of his new store.

Boyd carries lithographs and prints of his work for the public to admire, purchase, and frame. He has a wide selection of collectible dye cast models including cars, helicopters, emergency vehicles, and Hess trucks. He also offers pedal cars for children. “A child can actually open the doors and play music in this pedal car.” Boyd smiles as he shows off a mini Mustang. “He or she can also have a parking meter, a traffic light, and a gas pump to complete the set.”

Along one wall of the store, Extraordinaire Gifts proudly displays its presidential memorabilia.

During his history as a designer, Boyd has interacted with many of our nation’s presidents. His work of art called “The Chariot” was purchased by President Nixon. He designed a tunnel to prevent assassination and to assist with the security of President Ford. He escorted George W. Bush and offered designs for President Obama’s parade cars.

Because of these amazing opportunities, Boyd presents presidential memorabilia on his shelves. He has presidential flags and baseball caps with the seal of the office on them. He sells models of presidential limousines and models of capitol buildings from Washington, D.C. He stocks American flag pins and even presidential bobbleheads.

As an artist and historian, James Boyd was commissioned by the Meharry Medical College to create an original work called “The Wagon”. Because this piece was inspired by the qualities of honor and humility, copies of this piece have been presented to Mr. James Meredith and Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Boyd is very proud of African history and heritage both in America and internationally. “I am a historian and I try to sell items that have a story. I am very happy to deal in many pieces that celebrate black culture.” Boyd shares.

Most of the collectible pieces for sale, like this doll of the Queen Mother, have certificates of authenticity.

Above all, Boyd wants his customers to know that the pieces his store features are authentic and unique. “I always am on the lookout for the unusual. But it has to be in good taste.” Boyd stresses. “I want historical collectors to come into my store and find wonderful things. My life and story have been fabulous, and I want my store to reflect this.”

For Boyd, opening the store in Mint Hill was an obvious choice. “I love Mint Hill and the people here. I’d like people to know I have unique things to sell and extraordinary stories to share. Come on by and see what you’ve been missing!”

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