April Town Hall Meeting Recap

Mayor Brad Simmons congratulates a local Boy Scout.
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MINT HILL, NC – After the usual call to order and the consent approval given by the Board of Commissioners, the focus of the April Board of Commissioners Meeting centered on a discussion of certain docket items on the agenda.

Mayor Brad Simmons congratulates a local Boy Scout.

Case No. ZC22-2 pertains to an application requesting a site plan for a residential subdivision approval for 83 lots, a density of 2.9 units per acre. The development is subject to the downtown code and conditions placed on the property back in 2002.

The property owner is John Street, LLC, located at 6412 Mathews-Mint Hill Road, consisting of 31.49 (28.36 acres for Alton Creek and 3.03 acres reserved for future commercial development (Tax Parcel number 195-182-42).

Based on the regulations and code, a (CUP) Conditional Use Permit must be filed. Also, any previously existing (CUD) Conditional Use District is now known as a Conditional Zoning District under UDO-3.6.2 B. Therefore, for any property that had previously been zoned a (CUD) at the time of adoption, the applicant can ask for a Conditional Zoning District set forth in Section 8.2.5. The applicant does not have to follow the former CUP process.

Another Scout receives an award.

The Conditional District Rezoning is a legislative procedure where the Board  of Commissioners has the authority to increase, tighten, add, vary, modify or waive specific conditions or standards.

Another important presentation was made by Brad Fowler regarding the 2023 Mecklenburg County Property Revaluation process.  The Town of Mint Hill is growing rapidly, and the county and town must plan accordingly to meet the expected demand. The project is expected to start July 1, 2022 and end by June 30, 2023. There are quarterly objectives that must be achieved with due dates for each phase.

The project meets several goals and objectives of the MTP.

  • Manage and maintain a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system for all modes of transport to serve all segments of the population. It will identify intersection problems and provide a plan to eliminate congestion. It will also identify existing pedestrian and bicycle usage and identify future needs for improvements to accommodate a variety of modes of transportation.
  • It will provide a sustainable transportation system that improves the quality of life for residents while promoting healthy living and is sensitive to significant features of the natural and human environments. Therefore, this project will identify issues at intersections where projects can be developed to improve efficiency, reduce congestion and improve air quality.
  • It will support economic competitiveness by making investment decisions for transportation modes by making the most efficient use of limited public resources and providing an enhancement to the system and future funding. This project will ultimately improve the system performance and provide a path to determine the best use of public and private investment in infrastructure.

In summary, the project has three main components: data collection, capacity analysis, and identification list of issues at any intersections that are analyzed, with a GIS map of analyzed intersections’ “heat maps” of intersections based on level of service. The final product will be a report focused on the three components that can be used for identification, development and future projects.

Some local Boy Scouts attended the public meeting to observe how the Town of Mint Hill  functions managing the towns business. This is a great opportunity for youngsters to watch civics in action, especially Scouts who are seeking this particular merit badge.

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