Andy Duran, 2-Time All State Baseball Player Graduates, Moves on to College

Andy Duran, perhaps the best baseball player to come out of QGHS
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MINT HILL, NC – Andy Duran, a two-time selection for All-State from Queens Grant High School, recently graduated from the school. In his four years as a Stallion, he had two outstanding seasons in his sophomore and junior years. Unfortunately, his senior season was cut short after four games due to the COVID-19 pandemic canceling all high school sports.

Duran in center field for the Stallions
Duran in center field for the Stallions.

Andy was also a good student and popular with his classmates, student body, and teammates. He helped to put the charter school on the map with his on the field performance and sportsmanship.

As the Sports Editor and writer at this publication, I had the pleasure of watching him develop as an athlete and individual. He is certainly the type of player who can be coached, will work hard and always give 100% on the field for his team. As a solid defensive outfielder, he made several difficult catches in center field for the Stallions. As a team leader, he always set a positive example for his teammates.

Andy’s best season as a Stallion, his batting average was .541, 40 hits, 27 RBI’s, 43 runs scored, 10 doubles, 2, triples, 5 home runs with an OBP .598.  In 76 games, including freshman year, his career numbers BA .423, OBP .484, 90 hits, 68 RBI’s, and 78 runs scored in three full seasons.

Andy Duran hitting a double to right center for two RBI's
Andy Duran hitting a double to right center for two RBI’s.

Andy replied to the following questions, which are typical of the kind of individual he has become.

Q1. What are your most memorable moments as a student at QGHS?

One of my most memorable moments as a student at Queen’s Grant would have to be getting inducted into Beta Club. I was inducted as a sophomore at the beginning of the year, and it opened up service opportunities; it really opened up my eyes about plans after high school.

Q2. What about on the baseball diamond?

My most memorable moment as a Stallion baseball player would most definitely be winning the conference regular season and tournament championship. I was a part of the greatest Queen’s Grant baseball team, and I was extremely blessed to play with such a talented group of guys with the great coaching staff.

Q3. What are your next steps as you move forward as a student-athlete into college including your career field objectives?

My journey as a baseball player and a student will take me to Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina. I plan to play baseball for two years and hopefully transfer to a four-year university and continue playing baseball.

Also, I plan to go into the physical therapy field, meaning after graduating from a four-year college, I will hopefully go into the Physical Therapy Program at East Carolina University.

Q4. How do you feel about the impact COVID-19 had on your lost senior season?

The impact that COVID-19 had is crazy. I expected to be back on the diamond in two weeks, but things did not turn out that way. I never thought I would say that I miss waking up and going to school, but the virus changed my perspective.

Going into this baseball season, I honestly did not feel as confident as I did last year. Even though I felt that we were going to have a good year, I didn’t think we were going to top that 2019 Queen’s Grant Baseball team. It is extremely disappointing to work hard for four years, build a brotherhood with your teammates, and the last chance to play with them gets taken away four games into the season. I still find it difficult to believe this is all really happening, and it’s hard to take in the fact that I’m never going to get the chance to step on the field wearing a Stallions jersey again.

Q5. What legacy would you like to leave behind as you graduate and move forward with your next step in life?

One message I’d like to leave behind is to appreciate every aspect of high school but also to have a short memory when things don’t go your way. Make the most out of any opportunity that you are given, either in the classroom or on the field. You’ll make lifelong friendships and meet people who impact your life in ways you could never imagine.

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