Aldi Grand Reopening

Aldi officially reopened on June 14.
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After nearly six weeks closed for remodeling, Mint Hill’s Aldi location reopened to customers on June 14.

Thursday’s Grand Reopening celebration drew an unexpectedly large crowd with the line to get in wrapping around the building and extending to Pelican’s SnoBalls before 8:30 am.  The first 100 shoppers received Aldi gift cards valued at up to $100.00. After a brief ribbon cutting ceremony at 8:25, the store opened its doors early to accommodate the waiting crowd.

“We were out first thing this morning running errands, and when we drove past Aldi about 8:30 the line was insane!” said Jennifer Johnson, who returned later in the day to shop.

The new and improved Aldi boasts a fresh new look, environmentally friendly upgrades, a bigger selection of fresh items, and a new and improved, easy-to-shop store layout.

One of the changes shoppers will notice immediately upon entering the door is that the produce department has been expanded and relocated.  “The fruits and veggies being right inside the entrance is good and bad,” said Sunshine Price, who was surprised by the large crowd still shopping at 11:30 am.  “Good because I noticed I bought more fruits on impulse buy than the chips and candy that used to be there. It’s bad because the cold stuff you either get and it’s not as cold as it used to be when you left or you circle back around to get it last, and honestly who wants to do that, especially if you have children?”

The new layout promises to be “easy to shop,” but it will take some adjustment for regular Aldi customers.  “The remodel is going to take some getting used to,” said Price. “I went today, and while it was crazy it should not have taken the hour plus it took me to find everything I needed!”

Aldi is one of several grocery store options for Mint Hill residents including Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Publix.  Aldi prides itself on its low prices, claiming that switching to exclusively Aldi brands can save customers up to 50% on their grocery bills.  “I love Aldi mainly because it is cheaper and the quality is the same for most items there,” says Price. “I buy almost everything there!”

Aldi prides itself on low-priced, quality, store-brand items.

Aldi is located at 8000 Blair Road near Pelican’s SnoBalls and Mint Hill Animal Hospital.  They are open Monday through Sunday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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