Aflac–Decoding the Duck

Lynn Nelson, small business solutions and direct consumer adviser for Aflac.
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When you ask most people about Aflac, they will tell you about the commercial with the duck.  They understand that it has something to do with medical expenses, but not many folks know right off the bat just how beneficial an Aflac policy truly is.  Lynn Nelson, small business solutions and direct consumer advisor for Aflac, is both knowledgeable and eager to spread the word about the benefits that her company offers.

Aflac is not like traditional medical insurance.  Instead of paying doctors and hospitals, Aflac pays the customer directly, usually within one business day of the submitted claim.  Aflac, the largest provider of voluntary benefits, is the only company that offers “One Day Pay”®. Funds can then be used to help pay for the cost of daily living expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, household bills, or childcare while the individual is out of work.  Aflac policies also layer. This means that regardless of what your major medical insurance pays, Aflac still pays the customer. Finally, Aflac is portable. Even if you change jobs, your policy is yours to retain at the original rate, without increases or eligibility requirements.

Aflac offers policies for short term disability, accident, critical illness, dental, vision, and cancer, among others.  Dependent children are eligible for coverage until age 26. Aflac is releasing a new Direct Accident Advantage program in July with enhanced coverage for injuries and accidents that occur in organized sports.  

With such incredible benefits, it would seem like Aflac would be an easy choice for employers to offer.  The problem is, there is a cloud of misunderstanding surrounding what Aflac does and how it would benefit both the employer and employee.  Lynn’s goal is to connect with small businesses in the community and help them to understand the important aspects that Aflac offers, such as financial protection from medical bankruptcy.  The voluntary benefits are offered at no cost to the business owner through the Aflac program and also help to protect business owners from lengthy workman’s compensation claims by providing protective policies for business owners themselves.

For Lynn, it’s all about getting the word out.  “It is my mission with Aflac to eliminate the risk of medical bankruptcy for working families by providing products and services that ensure financial protection for all.”

For more information please contact Lynn Nelson at  704-756-3717.

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