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Photo by Erin Ferguson
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CHARLOTTE – Realty ONE Group Revolution is home to many agents across the counties, but none find it a better place to call home than two amazing women. Erin Ferguson and Nancy Sherwin are two women that partnered at the beginning of the year to create a dynamic duo. Nancy and Erin ensure that all of their clients are treated with the kindness and respect everyone deserves. When you find two women like these, you know exactly why they have been friends for over 15 years. Together, Nancy and Erin create a force that is super-fun, energetic, and genuine. It is an amazing experience to see them in action.

Photo of Erin Ferguson
Photo by Erin Ferguson

Erin Ferguson has been a Realtor® about two and a half years. She joined Realty ONE Group Revolution in October of 2020. Mrs. Ferguson had the honor of working with the one of owners as the listing agent for the first home she ever sold. The two have created a great rapport with each other, and Erin wanted more of that to grow as an agent. She joined the group because she knew that owners stood behind each of their agents and created an environment in which she knew she would grow personally and professionally.

Erin is also a mother of eight wonderful children. Raising a family that large takes multi-tasking skills to a whole new level, and her ability to take things on as they come makes Erin an amazing agent. She knows how important it is to find the right house to make a home. Mrs. Ferguson keeps that experience in her mind with each home listing and search. Knowing that her influence on the process is going to make it better for all is a feeling that she wants when she works with her clients.

Nancy Sherwin and family.

Nancy Sherwin and Erin Ferguson have many things in common with their families and hobbies, particularly horseback riding. Nancy and Erin both got their Realtor® licenses around the same time, and when catching up in conversation one day, Erin mentioned to Nancy how much she enjoyed Realty ONE Group Revolution (ROGR). In January of this year, Nancy decided to make the move as well. ROGR provided the camaraderie that she had been missing at her previous agencies. Since then, Nancy and Erin have supported each other in life, work, and everything in between.

Nancy is a mother of two wonderful children and also is the wife to the Deputy Sherriff for Mecklenburg County. Ms. Sherwin is a mother that has been dedicated to her son’s hockey and drumline teams, and with her oldest son being born with half a heart, she knows the devotion that it takes to stand strong when the people around you need it most. As a mom with a full schedule, Nancy decided that becoming a Realtor® would be perfect for her and her family. She is able to use her great personal skills and outgoing personality to relate to others and help them reach their homeownership dreams. The flexibility of a Realtor® schedule allows Nancy and Erin to be active with their children and also help others find and sell their homes. It is very rewarding for them, and it shows with their energy. They are two amazing women that have teamed together to take on the “housing” world.

Together these women have created a relationship that keeps giving. It gives to their families, friends, and to the community all around them. From Mint Hill to Union County, these women are proud members of our community. When you see these two women together, you know they have created a friendship that has a strong foundation. Partnering together in the same firm has allowed their friendship to expand into a business relationship that is amazing to witness. They are fun, have an energy that is amazing, and have joined forces to take on the real estate industry by storm.

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Photo by Erin Ferguson

Just like Erin and Nancy’s friendship, solid as a rock, they have joined together to make buying or selling a home one of the best experiences that you can have. They are going to turn the market upside down together as a team, strong and fun at the same time. From the laughs over coffee to their horseback riding adventures Nancy and Erin are two amazing women that are giving back to the community each day with pride in their hearts.

To contact Nancy Sherwin please call her at: (704) 582-3814 / homebynancy@gmail.com

To contact Erin Ferguson please email or call her at: (704) 281-5080 / ralphnerin@icloud.com

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