A Clear Choice for Care

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Hit the nail salon on Tuesday, the hairdresser on Wednesday, and be ready for Dinner and a Movie Night on Saturday. They’re playing “The Sound of Music,” and the menu will feature Austrian food:  braised red cabbage, spätzle, and sauerbraten. You may think this is the busy schedule of a socialite, but in reality, it’s what a person staying at Clear Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center might come to expect during any given week.

MaryAnn Masullo, Activities Director, is on a personal mission to change the culture of institutional living. “I hate that word, ‘institution,’” MaryAnn says. “People think of this as their home. I like to think of it as a community.” And her patients aren’t patients. They’re friends. “If I have to use a word to describe them, I use the word, ‘elders.’ They’re wise, and they teach me so much,” she explains. “I just love coming to work.”

MaryAnn Masullo (above left) has made many dear friends during her time as Clear Creek’s activities director including Mrs. Karen Burke. Mrs. Burke says, “I come back to Clear Creek by choice because of the care I receive, the therapy I got, and because of the activities that are offered.”

Administrator, Dan Goodwin, agrees. “We have 100 of the greatest generation of people staying here,” he says. “We welcome the opportunity to meet their needs.” Indeed Dan would like to see more people get to know over 100 of Mint Hill’s treasures. “Our doors are open, and all of our residents appreciate every visitor.” Whether it’s the Cub Scouts, musical groups, pet therapists, or even someone coming in to read to them, every visitor is like a ray of sunshine.

Head chef Bryan Kellar wants to bridge the gap between fine dining and what folks expect from a nursing center. In meal planning, he thinks, “What would I want for my own mom?” For Easter luncheon, Chef Bryan is planning rosemary rubbed Cornish hen, twice-baked potatoes, and bacon-wrapped asparagus, finishing with a thick slice of carrot cake. His meals meet nutritional requirements that special diets call for, but he uses his culinary flair to think outside of the box for creative ways to serve his Clear Creek guests. “Before they come here, they’re used to Olive Garden. I want to keep their meals fresh and exciting.”

Chef Bryan Kellar reviews the Easter menu for his guests and friends at Clear Creek. He and his staff prepare almost all of their selections from scratch. Chef Bryan also hosts a monthly Food Council, where residents and their families have an opportunity to offer suggestions and ask questions about upcoming meals.

Dan says he often hears, “This place is beautiful! How long have you been here?” In fact, Clear Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center opened its doors in 2013. The only center if its kind in Mint Hill, Clear Creek is a stone’s throw away from Rocky River High School, just off of Blair Road/Highway 51. “We want to meet the needs of the community,” Dan says. “We put together a plan that meets those needs.”

Mrs. Unger, a resident of Clear Creek, receives help with her exercises during therapy. Clear Creek provides short-term and long-term care with about half of the residents requiring some sort of rehabilitation. Therapies are provided seven days a week under the supervision of Dr. William Long, Mint Hill resident and Clear Creek’s medical director.

The Center has short-term residents who need joint and knee replacement rehabilitation, as well as those who have suffered strokes. The center can bring in a variety of specialists including dentists and hygienists, audiologists, and podiatrists to tailor the health care to the individual’s needs. The center also sees folks who need long-term care or help with daily activities.

Nursing staff at Clear Creek provide 24-hour care to over 100 residents in Mint Hill’s only long-term care and rehab center. Nurses and certified nursing assistants chart in the residents’ electronic medical records on computers that have been incorporated into the center’s décor.

“Our doors are always open to having the community come in and visit,” Dan says. “I wish more people would come by and see what we’re all about.” If you would like a tour of Clear Creek, Dan invites you to come by Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. or on the weekends between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. If you mention this article and have your tour around lunchtime, Dan invites you to have a complimentary lunch, courtesy of Chef Bryan and his staff. Lunch is served at 12:30.

Beautiful Clear Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is home to over 100 of Mint Hill’s precious citizens. Administrator Dan Goodwin says, “Our doors are open, and all of our residents appreciate every visitor.”
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