$27.3B Spent on Crash Damages Yearly in NC: Mobileye and Carolina Collision Avoidance Aim to Reduce Accidents

A rear end collision (Image courtesy of Kevin Fawcett)
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There are nearly 250,000 motor vehicle crashes every year in North Carolina. According to the most recent data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, those accidents are responsible for more than $27 billion in yearly costs. The NCDOT ranks Mecklenburg County as the highest contributor to that cost, accumulating $2.8 billion in damages annually. There is a crash every 12 minutes, on average, in Mecklenburg County alone.

Kevin Fawcett is the owner of Carolina Collision Avoidance, a safety equipment supplier in Mint Hill that specializes in the installation and service of the Mobileye Collision Avoidance System. According to Fawcett, the Mobileye can go a long way in helping to avert some of the many crashes that Charlotte and the surrounding areas face each year.

Kevin Fawcett installs a Mobileye advanced driver assistance system at the Carolina Collision Avoidance garage (Image courtesy of Kevin Fawcett)

The Mobileye is a passive collision avoidance system that provides forward collision warnings, headway monitoring, lane departure warnings and pedestrian/cyclist warnings among many others, through audio and visual prompts from it’s dash mounted display. The Mobileye requires professional installation and initial calibration, but a unit and installation will typically fall under the $1000 mark for most vehicles through Carolina Collision Avoidance, though some older model cars and trucks may require additional fitting to accommodate the Mobileye’s sensors.

A Mobileye calibration in progress (Image courtesy of Kevin Fawcett)

 According to Fawcett, the most important application of the Mobileye is in regard to young drivers, and the data supports that claim. The IIHS and the CDC report that teenage drivers are three times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than any other age group. The Mobileye, Fawcett said, can help to remind young drivers of safe practices when mom and dad aren’t in the car. He said that the Mobileye acts as a teaching tool as much as a safety tool by helping young drivers to become familiar, in real time, with things like safe stopping and following distances, as well as proper lane change procedures.

Carolina Collision Avoidance offers installation options on location at your home, onsite at the garage of Carolina Collision Avoidance or through their car delivery service in which your car will be picked up and returned to you with the Mobileye installed. For more information regarding the Mobileye or to schedule a visit, call Kevin Fawcett at (704) 545-2575 or visit www.CarolinaCollisionAvoidance.com

Mobileye aftermarket advanced driver assistance systems provide visual and audio alerts to drivers, warning them of potentially dangerous situations on the road. (Credit: Mobileye)
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