2019 Independence Southwestern 4A All-Conference Selections

Noah Howie rounding third heading for home. (Ron Morris)
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Jonathon Todaro delivering a strike. (Ron Morris)
Raja Milton. (Ron Morris)
Maya Douglas. (Ed Berti)
Annaliese Shelley named All-Conference/ All-Region. (IHS)
Jaylin Adkins (Ed Berti)
Mallory Shaver. (Ed Berti)
Sydney Peterman. (Holly Thompson)
Ella Holmes (Craig Curtis)
Maya Douglas. (Ed Berti)
Brianna Grant. (Ed Berti)

Independence High School athletic program has produced a host of Spring sports athletes who have been selected to various Southwestern 4A All-Conference teams. These are the players who stood out above the rest and have been recognized for their on the field performance.

Some have set school records like Annaliese Shelley with 107 career goals, another excelled in two sports both basketball and baseball earning all-conference honors like Raja Milton, while others were all top performance in a single sport of concentration.

They all had outstanding high school careers and we want to congratulate them for their accomplishment and for providing thrills and excitement to all hometown Patriot sport fans.

Therefore, the players selected in each sport include the following athletes.


Noah Howie (Senior), Raja Milton (Senior), and Jonathon Todaro (Junior).


Maya Douglas (Sophomore), Mallory Shaver (Sophomore), Jaylin Adkins (Junior), Brianna Grant (Senior), and Kayla Douglas, (Senior).


Annaliese Shelley (Senior) – Has also been selected to the All-Region Team.


Ella Holmes, (Sophomore), Sydney Peterman (Senior)

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