1st Choice Properties Celebrates Its Anniversary

(left to right) Mayor Pro Tem Katrina Weaver Ross, Chamber of Commerce Member Phil Angelo, Tina Pedersen, Jesus Alvarez, Tom Huminik, Anna Granger, Cheri Wickham and Linda Granzow prepare to cut the ribbon.
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It has been just over a year since 1st Choice Properties opened the doors of their location in Mint Hill Village. Since that day, they have seen amazing growth. Anna Granger, broker in charge, says this surge is surprising, but welcome. “I don’t exactly know what has made the biggest difference, but it has been a fun journey.” So, what has created this expansive change? Granger has several ideas.

First, the people she works with are stellar. “I have been able to hire an additional seven agents. It has been fantastic. Some of them are new; some of them are seasoned. They do not just focus on Mint Hill. They service multiple counties and cities. No matter what referral I may get, I can give them to an agent who knows that specific area.” Granger says she hasn’t reached her personal cap yet. “I’d like twenty really good agents. We’re nearly there. I think I’d like maybe four more agents to be a part of the 1st Choice family.”

Second, Granger is involved in the Mint Hill community. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, hosts the friendly and casual Beer with a Broker at Pour 64, and maintains a Mint Hill based office. “Being out in the community has made a huge difference.” Granger smiles.

Her office also has a great location. “As a realtor, most of my work is in the field with my clients. We do use the office for staff meetings, trainings, and closings, but I am able to make this office available to other people who may have a need. It’s a great way to give back to this community.”

Third, Granger writes and advertises in the Mint Hill Times. “That has made a big difference for me, personally. People come from out of town looking to move to Mint Hill. They pick up the paper, see me in there, and call.” Granger says she wants to be the point of contact for anybody’s questions regarding real estate. She often directly addresses consumer questions in her weekly articles.

But really, it is Granger enormous passion for people that has made her business so successful. 1st Choice’s motto “We’ll help you make the right move” is more than just a catch phrase to Granger and her associates – it’s a promise. “Every choice is important. I want to help you make the right ones, so you can spend less money during a purchase, make more money during a sale, and ultimately keep more money in your pocket.”

“Selling real estate is almost a byproduct of what I really do. I help people.” Granger continues, “I want to make sure people have someone they can count on and trust to guide them. Anything you may need as a homeowner, I can provide a name and referral.”

As a big supporter of her local economy, Granger hopes her forward trajectory keeps up. “I want to build on this momentum next year.” Granger concludes. “I’d like to make 1st Choice Properties a household name for Mint Hill sellers. We have a great little town here. I know that I want to make a difference in the real estate market, and I can do it here.”

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